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Ducks Fans: CALM DOWN, The Season Isn't Over Because Of Three Straight Losses

There is waaay too much hysteria happening among Ducks fans just because the team lost three games in a row. Seriously, not a big deal.

Jeff Gross

Answer me these questions, Ducks fans:

  • Is the season completely lost because the the Ducks have lost three in a row?
  • Are they now second place in the Pacific Division because they gave up the 10 point cushion to the Kings?
  • Do they trail Chicago by more than three points, with no hope of catching them at all?
  • Is their record of 22-6-4 under .500?

The answer to all these questions is a resounding: NO!

I keep reading all these freaked out, doom and gloom messages on the interwebs from our own fans. I know, I know. We've been hurt before. We started to believe they just might make the playoffs last season after an unreal run in January and February, only to have the team crap out from exhaustion. This year is totally and completely different.

It is actually a good thing they face a little adversity now, with slightly over a quarter of the season left. Why? Because this stretch was inevitable. It's better they struggle a bit now and get through it than to carry that streak into a playoff series. The Ducks aren't the only good team to put together a multiple game losing streak. Even Chicago struggled after losing their first game in regulation to Colorado and currently have lost two in a row. The key is how the Ducks handle it, especially now they're on the road.

This season is unlike any other in Ducks history. (I still refuse to compare them to the Cup team.) They established new franchise records just because they have won so many games. Personally, I am no longer terribly worried when they're behind in a game because I know they don't go all Debbie Downer on us and doubt their ability to come back. In all my years of being a Ducks fan, I have NEVER felt like that - even with the Cup team.

We know the team can raise the bar when it comes to huge games and they have four huge games in front of them. This isn't the end of the world. Talk to me if they hit five games in a row.