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This Week in Ducks History: D2, Kariya's PP Hat Trick and Brian Burke Quote-a-palooza

This week's Ducks History post is all about quotes. Some from D2, which was released this week in 1995 and a lot from Brian Burke via our friend @NHLHistoryGirl

Whatever you think of the man, he can spit a damn quote!
Whatever you think of the man, he can spit a damn quote!

This Week in Ducks History:

Mar. 25, 1970
LW Shawn Antoski born in Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Mar. 30, 1977
G Gregg Naumenko born in Chicago, Illinois, USA

Mar. 29, 1985
C Maxim Lapierre born in Saint-Léonard, Quebec, Canada

Mar. 30, 1988
C Ben Maxwell born in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Mar. 24, 1994
Adam Oates set the record for most points and assists by an individual Ducks' opponent with four helpers in the second period of a 5-3 win for the Boston Bruins.

Mar. 25, 1994
D2: The Mighty Ducks was released in movie theatres.
Wu, Wu, Wu! Kenny Wu!
Greenland is covered with ice and Iceland is very nice.
You haven't heard of my knuckle puck? It's hard to be accurate but it drives goalies craaaaazy.
Stick. Gloves. Shirt.
Two minutes, well worth it.
I could go on for days, so I'll just end with this:
When the roosters are crowin' and the cows are spinnin' circles in the pasture.....

Mar. 24, 1998
Acquired D Jamie Pushor and a 1998 fourth round draft pick from the Detroit Red Wings in exchange for D Dmitri Mironov.

Mar. 24, 1998
Acquired C Josef Marha from the Colorado Avalanche in exchange for LW Warren Rychel and a conditional 1999 Entry Draft Pick.

Mar. 24, 1998
Acquired the rights to G Patrick Lalime from the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for C Sean Pronger. (for the story of this trade check out the Nov. 14, 2013 edition of the Marek vs. Wyshynski podcast)

Mar. 28, 1999
Set a franchise record for fewest power play opportunities in a game with zero. Somehow the Ducks still ended up winning 5-1 over Calgary. Surprisingly this has only happened one other time in Ducks history, even more surprisingly it also came on Mar 28 (2012) against San Jose. The game against San Jose - a 3-1 win - also set the Ducks' record for fewest PIM with two (a tripping penalty by Lubomir Visnovsky)

Mar. 29, 2001
Paul Kariya set a franchise record by scoring three power play goals in a 7-4 loss to the Sharks. Teemu later matched the three PPG in a single game record in Oct. 2008.

Mar. 24, 2006
Ryan Getzlaf set the record for most assists in a game by a rookie (4) as the Ducks went on to beat Nashville 6-3. His four points also tied Stanisav Chistov's rookie record.

Mar. 29, 2007
Set record for most PPG in a period as a team with three in the third period of a 5-2 victory over Columbus. They also scored on their first two PP attempts in the next game, Mar. 31 vs. St. Louis (3-2 OT win) setting the record for most consecutive successful power play attempts.

Mar. 27, 2009
Recorded the most shots on goal in a single game in Ducks history with 54, but still lost 5-3 to Edmonton. Dwayne Roloson also set the Ducks' opponent record for most saves in a game (51)

Ducks related #RandomNHLfacts from @NHLhistoryGirl:

RT @mnwildPR Matt Cullen nets his 200th #NHL goal (3/25/13) to give #mnwild 4-3 lead. Becomes 9th Minnesotan, 37th American to hit the milestone, joining Parise.

Today's hickey history brought to you by a Teemu retrospective from 1993. ...

On this date (3/22) in 2009, Bobby Ryan broke the #NHLDucks rookie point record (46).

"The worst thing that ever happened to sports was talk radio. And the internet is talk radio on steroids with lower IQs." - Brian Burke

"The sports page has value only if you own a puppy or a parakeet." - Brian Burke's advice to other GMs

"I work for Ducks Unlimited. I do work for Big Brothers and Sisters, Special Olympics, military and now Canadian Safe Schools Network..." "I'm very proud of the fact that I have made a difference in every NHL city in which I've worked." - Brian Burke

While walking to the Bell Centre, a driver pulled over specifically to yell profanities at Brian Burke: "It was great. Absolutely great."

I didn't know tackling was an acceptable tactic. I didn't see it in our rule book." - Brian Burke

"I only know one way, which is to fight back. I'm Irish." - Brian Burke

"If Trent [Klatt] can get 3 years at over a million dollars from someone else, I say God bless 'em, I'll drive him to the airport." - Burke

"What's the Pittsburgh model? They won a lottery. They won a goddam lottery." - Brian Burke

"We require, as a team, the proper levels of pugnacity, testosterone, truculence, and belligeraece." - #Leafs Brian Burke

"There is no way Alex Auld was going to be on this team...unless he flew to France during the summer & bathed in the holy waters at Lourdes"

Duthie: "Are you talking about any other players?" Burke: "Yes." Duthie: "Who?" Burke: "None of your go-" Duthie: FAMILY SHOW! FAMILY SHOW!

"It's impossible for fans to be rational at this time of year." - Brian Burke, April 2012

"Brad May is tougher than a night in prison." - Brian Burke

"Like a new pair of underwear. A little tight but it will still work." - Brian Burke on cap issues after Phaneuf trade

Compare that Burke quote to "It's like a new pair of underwear: At first, it's constrictive, but after awhile it becomes a part of you."

"f we're going to have asinine, insane, inflationary signings, then it seems to me that most of them have been in the East so far."- Burke

This concludes the Brian Burke lovefest. Thanks for reading!