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Ducks Dominate Third, Lose to Jackets in Overtime

Despite an overwhelming domination by the Ducks in the third period, they can't pull off a win in regulation and lose in overtime, 2-1.

Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sport

Final Score: [Ducks 1, Blue Jackets 2, Overtime]

First Period Recap: At the very onset of the game the Ducks were saved when a shot by the Jackets clanked off the crossbar, hit Jonas Hiller in the back and, thankfully, did not cross the goal line. That was all the excitement for one twenty minute session as the Ducks did very little to show that they had been relieved of that gruesome lazy monkey we've seen them playing with on their backs. Both teams exchanged power play opportunities, but neither were successful. The very frustrating first period ends tied at zip.

Second Period Recap: Not much change in the pace or energy of the game until the Jackets finally struck mid-way through the second period. On the short side, Hiller, unable to completely square up to the post, tries to cover a puck and is surprised when it is flipped in over his right shoulder. With the Jackets happy to have a 1 goal lead and well aware of the Ducks inability to score these days, their desire to simply play defense for the remainder of the game would prove to give the Ducks a lot of opportunities going forward. It's also about this time of the game when Bruce Boudreau begins to get irritated with the lack of production and lines begin to mix and mash.

Third Period Recap: The Ducks fought hard in the third period. Throwing puck after puck at Sergei Bobrovsky to no avail. Emerson Etem finally put one past the netminder just about 6:00 minutes into the period and that lit the Ducks squad on fire. There were numerous chances for big line of Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry and Bobby Ryan, but sticks were lifted, pucks were bobbled and passes were just out of reach. The Ducks dominated and HIller was forced to only see one quality shot. The other went soaring past and was saved by the crossbar.

Overtime: With all of the wind knocked out of their sails in the third, the Ducks few chances in the overtime session weren't enough. Some great passing by the Jackets set up a wide open Mark Letestu for the game winner with 1:00 minute left in overtime. The puck seemed to deflect off the inner part of Hiller's arm and into the net. Talk about a bust for tons of hard work in the third.


The Good: Since we wont be giving out any "stars", it's got to be Emerson Etem who was a beast in this game. He was hitting - to the very detriment of the Jackets - and he's the reason the Ducks were able to pick up a point with his lone goal. He plays hard and has no quit to his attitude. Something the Ducks are needed right now. There is something about his physical game that reminds me a lot of former Ducks forward Travis Moen.

The Bad: The power play MUST connect in times like these. When the team isn't scoring as regularly or as often as they need to be, the power play has to make up for that deficit. Even worse, the power play is just flat out ugly at times - it could use a makeover and one that is consistent. Every game there is new look to the PP and it's confusing for all involved.

The Ugly: Where has all the scoring gone? Lately the Ducks are lucky to get 1 or two goals in a game, and it's not helping them at all. I'm not sure if this is part of the momentum switch or the fact that they just are't feeling confident, but 17 shots and only 1 goal in the 3rd period sure does tell you a lot about the slump this team is in.


3rd Icehole: Sergei Bobrovsky. Geez, you're an awful puckhandler and you didn't mess that up nearly enough. Then, you somehow find a way to stop just about everything the Ducks could possibly throw at you? Thanks, dude. We appreciate it.

2nd Icehole: Corey Perry. I found myself hard pressed to pick anyone that stood out glaringly, but there were too many times tonight where I yelled at Perry for just not taking advantage and shooting the puck. He had his chances, and damn that post...but something's gotta give here boys. SOON!

1st Icehole: Jonas Hiller. Sorry dude, but you have very little work in the third, even get saved by a post in your absence, and then give up the game winner in overtime on a puck that squeaks between the body. Foul.

Next Game: Monday, April Fools Day, 5:30pm @ Dallas.