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Group Therapy: BINGO, Getzlaf's Back!

I'm a bit of a gambling gal, as you'll discover, but I wouldn't put a dime on the success of the Ducks' power play.

Shhh, don't tell anyone, but I love going to Vegas for BINGO!
Shhh, don't tell anyone, but I love going to Vegas for BINGO!
Jeff Gross

Um, we missed you?

Over the course of the last week it was particularly hard to watch the Ducks play without their, hmmmm - superstar, Ryan Getzlaf. Sure, they somehow managed to squirm their way into a shootout victory over the Kings, but man, was that game ugly. If there was one thing I'd expect from the Ducks after losing Getzlaf to an injury it would be a DECREASE in excessive and overzealous passing, but definitely not an INCREASE. Watching 20 guys skate around the ice and passing off the puck to one another like it was the most intense game of hot potato was embarrassing and an awful way to go about trying to win a game.

But....even upon the return of Getzlaf, I was extremely disheartened. I guess I was expecting that this team would feel the firepower of having arguably the best player on their roster return to the line-up, but that just didn't happen. While just last week I was hoping that his absence would cause the team to rally without him, this week I'm hoping he finds a new way to inspire them - no matter what the playoff outlook is.

Oh, it's "special" alright

Special teams is one of the easiest things to bitch and moan about when it comes to any sport. Hockey is definitely not an exception to this rule - and the Ducks are offering up plenty of opportunities to do some nasty complaining. Somehow, this team who has scored one goal in their last 10 power play opportunities (a goal from Matt Beleskey, by the way) is sitting eighth in the league. I don't get it.

I actually cringe when the Ducks draw a penalty because I know they're just going to spend the next two minutes of the game making fools of themselves as they skate up and down the ice chasing the puck like a cat and a ball of yarn. Maybe it's a lack of consistency or the fact that Bruce Boudreau doesn't seem to have a lot of patience when it comes to the team lacking in production...but damn, something has got to give. If anything, can we all agree that the constant battle for the puck BEHIND the net isn't doing anyone any good?

And finally...

I have a confession. I'm 30...and I love bingo. Now, I know what you're thinking: what the hell is the amazingly awesome SK doing hanging out with a bunch of old ladies wearing their polyester best with styled cotton candy hair as they blow every last penny of their pension and social security checks in a church basement for the slim chance of a little cash in return?!

First of all it's not like that, I swear. No, really, it's not in a church... OR a basement! It's at a junior high school and it's in their gym. And the image you have of frail senior citizens playing bingo is all wrong; these senior citizens are anything but frail. They run, they curse, and, for many, their livelihood is dependent on whether or not the caller has an N number on the screen even though the game pattern dictates no N numbers need be called. Crazy, right?

Second, bingo can be awfully exciting! Okay, maybe I’m pushing it a bit here. Now, I know you're wondering why I'm confessing this or why it's at all relevant to this hockey site dedicated to the Anaheim Ducks. So, with that in mind, I'll say this much - bingo is Saturday nights and I, along with my good friend, who, at 36, helps me to fill the under-50 quota, try to go once a month. And yes, I have already gone for the month of April, HOWEVER I would not be upset if I were to go again...

Basically, what I'm saying here is…don't make me regret missing Bingo on Saturday, Anaheim. Beat the damn Kings. Whew, I feel better now.