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Group Therapy: Find Me Some Happiness!

With all of the crap in the world this week - here's a little something to make me smile!

Jeff Golden


Oy, that’s an empty well down there, isn’t it? Not only is it dry up top, but even down in the depths, where we thought there was plenty of awesomeness tucked away in secret nooks and crannies, it’s empty. Not a treasure in sight.

No goals, either. Ouch.

You want some real meat for these potatoes? Try here…where our own Kyle really rips into the weakness of this Ducks team. It's all coming together at the WRONG time of the season. There isn't much left - it's time to figure this out!

These past few weeks in Ducks land have been miserable. When I don’t want to talk about something or a particularly icky subject comes up, I just change the subject. Besides, so much about this week in the world is pointing me to talk about something here it is:

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually on board with this whole outdoor game thing in LA. Yes, I agree, there are too many games going on now to really make them feel "special" – but the NHL is still going to get their cash cow out of this…and I’m still going to STRONGLY consider plopping down a fat wad of dough to be there and contribute to said cash cow, so – I say we all embrace it.

Lest I remind you how often we all complain about how ignored So Cal hockey is when it comes to mainstream attention. And, of course, the on the flip-side, where we occasionally consider flying under the radar to be a blessing as well. For instance, take into consideration the much greater possibility that you’ll be able to get tickets to the Ducks/Kings in Dodger Stadium than, say perhaps, Maple Leafs/Red Wings in Michigan on January 1st. Either way, let’s not complain about this rare opportunity (and I use the word "rare" lightly, cause who knows how long it will be before there is one played in Anaheim at Angel Stadium…and the five other games taking place in 2014 don’t really make this "rare"). PLUS, and this might be the best part…if we’re getting a F#CK!NG 24/7 out of this sh!t, sign me the F#CK up!

Clearly there is too much hate and unhappiness in this world.... so Go Ducks, love, life and happiness!