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GameThread: Ducks @ Flames: Finally, A Team With Nothing to Fight For

The Ducks head into Western Canada for the final road trip of the regular season and they're in desperate need of a swift kick in the ass to get them back on track. Here's hoping the "nothing to fight for" Flames are the answer!

Jeff Gross

Next Game

Anaheim Ducks
@ Calgary Flames

Friday, Apr 19, 2013, 6:00 PM PDT
Scotiabank Saddledome



Your Enemy: Matchsticks and Gasoline

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Season Series Record, Ducks vs. Flames: 2-0-0


Record (Points): 17-22-4 = 38 points

Place in Northwest Division: 4th

Place in Western Conference: 13th, officially out of the playoff race

Who's Hot? Other than their name, no one in Calgary is hot right now. If there is someone to keep an eye out for, it's Curtis Glencross who's got 2 goals and an assist in the previous two meetings.

Who's Not? Alex Tanguay is third on the team with 11-16=27 points and is out day-to-day with a sprained MCL.

Numbers for Nerds: Let's hope the Flames and their defense are feeling as generous as they've been throughout the season. They're currently 29th in the league in Goals Against with 114 (3.32 avg). The Ducks could use a game like this to boost their own scoring as they're only averaging 2.75 goals a game (121 on the season).

Your Enemy: Matchsticks and Gasoline



This might be exactly what the Ducks need. I mean, I kept thinking that they needed a challenge, but maybe they need a team who cares less than they do. Calgary is officially out of the playoff race. I think they’ve been out of the race since February 1st and then threw in the metaphorical towel when they traded away Jarome Iginla.

No matter what reason to have inspiration for a victory, the Ducks need to find one. Even if means that they have to pump up their game plan to include embarrassing a team that has nothing left to fight for, so be it. Right now, the Ducks are their own worst enemy and the only team they're capable of humiliating at this point is themselves (just watch the overtime session from Wednesday against Columbus if you need a refresher).

Thankfully, Calgary hasn't gone through a recent bout of a goalie calling them out for sloppy play, they aren't bitter cross town rivals of ours and they aren't fighting for the 8th seed. All of those factors will definitely result in a loss for Anaheim.

This game could be a grand opportunity for the ball to get rolling...

Or it could be just as ugly as the previous few games.