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NHL 14 Cover, Vote for Beleskey and Cogliano?

You can vote for a Duck to be on the cover of next year's EA Sports NHL 14! The only thing is the options are ... let's go with ... interesting.

Could that mane have got him the nomination?  We'll never know.
Could that mane have got him the nomination? We'll never know.
Voting is open for the next player to grace the cover of EA Sports' famed NHL series next season. Fans can go to to make sure their favorite players and/or teams are represented. In addition, fans can take to Twitter to vote using #NHL14CoverVote and get double votes on Thursdays using player specific hashtags.

So, who are these mysterious Ducks nominees, you ask having not read the headline? It must be Ryan Getzlaf, captain, leading scorer and most valuable player for the team this year who just signed on for an eight year contract extension. Nope, too bald.

Oh, well then it would have to be the other franchise cornerstone who recently signed on for eight more years as a Duck. You know, the former Hart Trophy and Rocket Richard Trophy winner... Shoot! what's his name again.... Corey Perry, that's it! No, he's too big of a dick and has a flesh colored beard.

Universally loved Teemu Selanne? Too old, and he already had his shot as the face of a video game franchise.

No, of course it's Matt Beleskey and Andrew Cogliano! Why you ask, well of course there is a myriad of reasons for each such as:

1) Never missed a game in his career (410)
2) Used to play in Edmonton, Canadians might have heard of him.
3) Awesome on the PK (no wait, that can't be it, there's no way anyone outside of Anaheim gives a shit what the Ducks do on the kill)
4) Scored a goal with no helmet against Chicago
5) He made them an offer they couldn't refuse
6) Last time they checked he was leading the Ducks in scoring

1) Sick Jack White-esque flow
2) He has one of those tweeter machines. Kids these days like the tweeter machines, don't they?
3) I guess sometimes he plays on the top line... (seriously for a second, I really like him there)

Of course we all know the real reason for these curious choices of Ducks representatives: There's no way in Hell a Duck will win, so who cares which ones are nominated?

Want to change that? Then get to voting already! #NHL14Cogliano #NHL14Beleskey

Voting Schedule:

· Round of 60 – April 22-28: Teammate vs. teammate. One representative from each team plus two wild card selections advance.

· 32-Player Leaderboard – April 29-May 5: Fans vote for their favorite 16 candidates; top 16 vote-getters advance.

· 16-player Bracket – May 6 - May 26: Weekly round-by-round, single-elimination playoff bracket decides finalists.

· The Finals – May 27- June 2: Winner takes the NHL 14 Cover.