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Group Therapy: The Calm Before The Storm

With the season coming to an end and the playoffs squarely in sight, lets take a moment to relax, catch our breath and get ready for the most exhilarating time of the season.

Jeff Gross

There's a brief window here to really celebrate this short season, so lets do that now...

If there is one thing I can say the Ducks have earned/deserved up to this point in the NHL season it’s the Pacific Division Championship. Definitely not something I thought I’d be saying back in January, but I’ve got zero complaints on how it has turned out. Despite an ugly few weeks here towards the end of the season, the Ducks really were (are, hope they continue to be…) a dominate team in the West and the Pacific Division in particular.

Of course, I, like all of you, don’t want that dominance to end just yet. I hope that the kick start the Ducks have received from Edmonton and Vancouver will only help to propel them into the post season on a winning trend. But – I’m fearful. The Ducks had a hard time recuperating once they put a good amount of energy towards beating Chicago in late March. The "slow rebound" from the emotional high that we all witnessed made it difficult to rally against easier opponents like the questionable-to-make-the-playoff’s Detroit.

Not that it needs to be said, but this is the best time of the year for a fan of a team in the playoffs. We’ve all experienced the ugliness of this time of year WITHOUT hockey – so I’m definitely grateful! I’m looking forward to that stressful, gut wrenching, pull-your-hair-out range of emotions that come with every stupid turnover and missed defensive assignment. Sure, every post season game I lose years off of my own lifespan, but that is COMPLETELY ok with me. Live in the "now", right?! [Ed. Note: HELL YEAH! -CK]

So…here’s to you, fellow Ducks fans: to more gray hair, losing your voice while yelling at the power play unit to shoot the puck and massive amounts of alcohol to soothe the soul!