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Your Friendly Weekend Links Roundup: The Brian Burke Sues The Internet Edition

The man takes no prisoners. Also: recaps, previews, and playoff chatter.

Bruce Bennett


  • Jer tells all the Ducks' haters to be quiet in his preview of tonight's final home game. [Battle of California]
  • CBS Sports previews tonight's Coyotes-Ducks game. []
  • A recap of Thursday's 3-1 victory over the Canucks. [Nanaimo Daily News]
  • Corey Perry is ready to carry the Ducks on his back. [LA Times]
  • Some think that the Fort Wayne Komets' rivalry with the Indianapolis Ice should be renewed. [The Journal Gazette]
  • The Western Conference playoff outlook and your fantasy team. [Puck Daddy]
  • Brian Burke has launched a defamation suit (in Canada) against internet commenters who said that he was fired as Leafs GM because of an affair that he had with Hazel Mae, a Sportsnet reporter. These commenters also claimed that Burke is the father of Mae's child. I feel Burke's pain, but if someone launched a suit every time an ugly and dishonest remark was made about them on the internet, the courts would be even more clogged with lawsuits. [Metro News]
  • The Ducks are gearing up for the playoffs. [Anaheim Ducks]