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Trade Deadline 2013: Ducks Acquire Matthew Lombardi From Phoenix For Brandon McMillan

Anaheim trades long time prospect Brandon McMillan to the Phoenix Coyotes for veteran center Matthew Lombardi.

Jeff Gross

Your Anaheim Ducks have acquired center Matthew Lombardi from the Phoenix Coyotes in exchange for Brandon McMillan. B-Mac had his time in the sun with the Ducks but failed to consistently produce. He's been in Norfolk a majority of the season after a tiny stint with the Ducks once he came back from an injury.

Here's a look at what you're getting with one-year rental and $2M cap hit Lombardi:

Matthew Lombardi

#8 / Center / Anaheim Ducks



Mar 18, 1982

I asked Carl Putnam, Managing Editor at Five For Howling about the newest edition to the Anaheim roster:

JN: What are the Ducks gaining by acquiring Lombardi? He seems to be an average scorer and face-off guy.

CP: He is an average center, but he's a speedy one. Probably will fit in well with Bruce's style.

JN: Lombardi's been on the Coyotes twice. Any major differences between Lombardi of 2009-10 and Lombardi of 2013?

CP: He didn't have Scottie Upshall on his wing this time. Those two had some weird form of chemistry back in 09-10. The 'Yotes wanted to re-sign him but he went for money in Nashville.

JN: He hasn't played a full season in a while and has only appeared in 22 games this year. Is it because of injuries or because he's been healthy scratched a bunch?

CP: He's had a bunch of injuries since he left after his first stint here. That is why he's only played 21 games this past year. Looked good last night.

On a side note, this trade bummed me out a little. I really liked Brandon McMillan but I can see why the Ducks were willing to part with him. He wasn't improving to a point where he was a strong part of their future.


Ducks (likely) final move of the day. What does it say about you as a player if they can't even decide what you're worth in return, aside from being a favor between teams?