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Group Therapy: Getz Some Rest! (With Morning Skate Update)

Ryan Getzlaf limps off to the locker room and I lose 5 years off my life. I'm thinking loving hockey this much isn't healthy...but damn, it's worth it.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports


So the trade deadline has come and gone and I'm sure most of us are quite pleased with the lack of action on the Ducks end. What can I say, I like this group - it's not perfect, but I'd really like to see them ride this thing out. Besides, it's not as if there was a ton of options on the trading block, and the Ducks had already taken care of the real dirty business...weeks ago!

So lets look at the move they did make and ask yourself...are you really going to miss Brandon McMillan? I mean, the guy played in six games with the Ducks this season (and I can barely remember one of those games). Were the Ducks going to find a permanent place for him at this point? Probably not. Were they going to get more than a Matthew Lombardi back for him? I can't believe we got that much in return quite frankly.

I'm not saying that I'm anti McMillan (I really have no opinions on the guy whatsoever), but I'm thinking there is strong possibility the Ducks upgraded their player value here. What with the post season looming and the on again off again questionable injuries that are floating around (is Nick Bonino ever coming back?), it might be nice to have a roster worthy player available for Anaheim's use. A little more depth can't hurt, right?


I'm on team "rest Ryan Getzlaf against Dallas on Friday night." Why not? This is one of the RARE times in the Ducks season when they can afford to give one of their big guns a night off and not fear (too much) the repercussions.

This team is so lucky. They've got a leader - who, for the first time since he started wearing that "C" upon his chest - is acting and performing like a real leader. He's not perfect by any means, but I'm absolutely in love with the passionate and hard working Getzlaf that has come with this short season. If it means that he must be 100% healthy to have this attitude and determination to win, so be it. Give him the night off.

We've seen the Ducks pull through without Getzlaf in the line-up before and I have no doubt they can do that again. Yes, the last time the center was absent for a stretch of games it was almost better to have him out of the lineup, but this time around, Getzlaf is most certainly a HUGE factor in the Ducks success. I don't think it would hurt this team to prove to themselves that they can do it without him. A little motivational boost, if you will. It might be a great time for them to put forth a little more effort and show to each other that they are capable of pulling past any team in the league with the talent they are currently boasting.

The Ducks could greatly benefit from a night of "team building" and hard work without their Captain pushing them to do so. But the best part is, even if Getzlaf doesn't play and the Ducks don't win, it might not hurt them all that much either.

It's a rare time in Ducks nation - so give the guy a night off. Besides, he needs to be ready to go Sunday night against those damn Kings. And hey, there's a new guy in town who's just as good, right?!


Update from Morning Skate:

[Ed. Note: Morning Skate Report from the Ducks reinforces my feeling Getzlaf is getting the night off. It's almost like they're prepping people for the inevitable. Fine by me. I'd rather have him feeling his best for Los Angeles. - JN]