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Your Friendly Weekend Links Roundup: The Is Jonas Hiller Hurting The Ducks? Edition

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Some think he is to blame for our Game 6 loss, and that Viktor Fasth should be given the start for Game 7. I think it's difficult to have a good game when there are red jerseys camped out in your crease all night.

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Gregory Shamus

Most of us anticipated that this would be a seven game series. But the Ducks were given the opportunity to end it on Friday, and really, they should have taken it. But that's over now. Now, they have a decision to make - the semis or the golf course. Let's hope they choose the right one.

And readers, do you really want to comment on a month's worth of draft coverage/pieces about how terrible Bob Murray is/pieces about how Bobby Ryan is overrated and has a terrible attitude? (Hint: No, you don't).

And a happy Mother's Day to those who are celebrating! FOWL.