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Kristen's Handshake Line: Everything's Gonna Be Alright

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"Rockabye, rockabye." - Shawn Mullins/Sad Ducks Fans Let's set aside our pain for a moment, and participate in hockey's greatest tradition.

Jeff Gross

[To Pavel Datsyuk]

My favorite hockey players are the kind who play elegant, heartbreakingly beautiful hockey (90s Sergei Fedorov, Cam Fowler, Patrick Kane, you). I think your personal story is inspirational, and I want you to keep being awesome for as long as possible.

[To Henrik Zetterberg]

After Lidstrom retired, there were many questions about the future of your franchise. You showed tremendous leadership in getting your team into the playoffs, and came up big when it mattered.

[To Justin Abdelkader]

You're already a Michigan institution (having played for Michigan State, the Grand Rapids Griffins, and now the Wings - not to mention your Mr. Hockey title), and you are turning into a Duck Killer (literally and figuratively). We will definitely gameplan for you next season.

[To Mike Babcock]

Bruce Boudreau remarked that matching wits with Mike Babcock left him "pretty whipped" throughout the series. Babcock was a master tactician surveying his battlefield, and had the guts to stick with Zetterberg, even when it didn't immediately pay off.

[To Detroit Fans]

Thanks for reading, lurking, joining, and listening. It was nice to have you around, and many of you left very classy comments in the moments after Game 7. Good luck against the Sharks - I want to see you play Chicago in the WCF (now, that's a great rivalry).

And finally, I have something to tell you, Ducks fans (I know that isn't really how this goes, but work with me here). This was possibly the most brutal way to end the season. After holding 2-1 and 3-2 series leads, the Ducks played somnambulant hockey in Games 6 and 7, and watched their season go up in flames at home. Stars didn't show up, and coaching was suspect.

It is easy to get down on ourselves after a game like this. However, this team has taken great strides this season. We have a bonafide #2 goaltender, capable of holding down the fort while our young goalie prospects develop in Norfolk. We have a breakout star/guy who probably should have been nominated for the Calder in Emerson Etem (the fact that he's a homegrown talent and a PoC is pretty cool, too). And guys that many of us had written off - specifically, Andrew Cogliano and Nick Bonino - showed why they deserved our respect.

In the spirit of AC, I would like to leave you with the following comments: Fire Murray! Trade Bobby! Trade Hiller! Teemu needs to retire!

And, finally: