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Healing via Open Thread

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It still sucks that the Ducks are out, but there is still hockey to talk about...

ummmm... ok?
ummmm... ok?

Hey Gang,

Since yesterday didn't go as we had hoped, we're starting a new procedure here at AC for the rest of the playoffs. Tonight we have two Game Sevens going on, so why not stop by and have a chat?

At 4:00 PM PT it's the Toronto Maple Leafs at the Boston Bruins (seriously that series went seven?!) on CNBC here in the States and CBC/RDS up North.


At 5:00 PM PT we have the thrilling conclusion of the New York Rangers vs the Washington Capitals (NBCSN, TSN/RDS2)

So try to shake off the stink of last night and let us know what you think about these games or whatever else is going on around the hockey world... Could anyone here imagine Bob Murray would be nominated for GM of the Year as recently as nine months ago?!?! Also, how much of a slap to the face was it that it was announced today? Come on!