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Last Day Of School - Ducks Exit Interview News & Updates

Throughout today we'll be updating this thread with news and notes coming out of the Ducks exit interviews.

Big questions surrounding these two
Big questions surrounding these two
Jeff Gross

I am praying he feels up to it. He anchored that third line. And he's my favorite player, totally biased.

I like it. After a rough start, he became incredibly dependable on the blue line and blossomed during the playoffs.

Interested in seeing how this impacts Lydman's future with the team. He's a pending free agent. He played well in place of Souray during the playoffs; however, he was frequently scratched during the season.


Makes things a little clearer. His speed and agility definitely declined after an incredible start.

Still played pretty well. He wasn't right after he injured his ankle the first time until this season.

So he wanted Brad Staubitz to beat the crap out of them but he was in the press box?

Pretty sure Teemu says 'unfinished business' after every season but it will keep the rumors going for a while. Personally, I thought he'd be done after the struggles he had this season.

I wonder when he actually injured himself. Puts another wrinkle in the Jonas Hiller future story.


Bye-bye to who?

More to come...