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Your Friendly Thursday Links Roundup: The Should We Trade Bobby Ryan To The Devils? Edition

And if we did, is there anyone you'd want in return?

Frederick Breedon

(And remember, Jen, Zach Parise doesn't live there anymore).

Well, Game 7 was 4 days ago, and everything still hurts. Let the offseason trade speculation begin!

  • Is Bobby Ryan a fit for the New Jersey Devils? [Rant Sports]
  • Francois Beauchemin will undergo knee surgery this offseason. []
  • Was the Ducks' strong regular season a fluke? [Rant Sports]
  • 2013 will be the cruelest offseason of them all. [The Washington Post]
  • JJ from Kansas writes our eulogy for Puck Daddy. (Note to JJ: It's Corey Perry, not "Cory Perry.") [Puck Daddy]
  • A Q and A with Bruce Boudreau. [Anaheim Ducks]
  • The SNY Devils Blog responds to Hockeybuzz's article about the Devils (potentially) acquiring Bobby Ryan. [SNY Devils Blog]
  • John Gibson and Team USA beat an Alex Ovechkin-led Team Russia 8-3 at the World Championships today. []
  • Jean Sebastian-Giguere helped a Make-A-Wish teen fulfill a fantasy. []
  • A Q and A with Bob Murray. [Anaheim Ducks]