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2013 Ducks Report Cards: Radek Dvorak

You'd think that 4 goals in 9 games could get you into more games. Bruce apparently thought differently.

Seriously, this guy was a #1 star of the game.
Seriously, this guy was a #1 star of the game.
Victor Decolongon

Player Name/position: Radek Dvorak, RW

Overall Grade: A, how can you hate on a low-cost guy that averaged a goal every other game?

Contract Status: Will be a UFA as of July 5 (stupid lockout) $675,000 Salary/Cap Hit in 2013 (per Capgeek, of course)

2013 Stats: 9 games played; 4 goals, 0 assists, 4 points; plus-2, 13:08 TOI/G

Playoff Stats: Sadly, no. But not in a Corey Perry kind of way.

Offense: The guy scored 4 goals in 9 games after he was picked up on a lark. That pretty much classifies as offensive juggernaut status in my book. To be fair, though, he did shoot an astronomical 23.5%, given his 4 goals on just 17 total shots.

Defense: I don’t remember Dvorak getting torched on any plays and I don’t recall him ever being considered to be in any kind of shutdown role. So I think he performed adequately here.

Highlight of the Season: His two-goal game against Edmonton on April 8 was pretty fun. Dvorak accounted for all of the Ducks’ scoring in that game, and his second goal at 7:48 of the third proved to be enough for Anaheim to hold on against the Oil.

Expectations for Next Year: Given that Dvorak was mired in the KHL before the Ducks signed him on March 24, it’s unlikely that Dvorak cracks an NHL lineup next season. This isn’t to say that he doesn’t deserve it; Dvorak played extremely well in his limited duty this season. In fact, his uncanny ability to find the back of the net mystified many of us at AC that he couldn’t find more ice time or even get a look in the playoffs. Personally speaking, I think a lot of teams could do a lot worse than Dvorak, but it seems that his time has probably passed.