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Group Therapy: Emotionally Scarred

In the midst of the first round of the playoffs, I'm going to need way more than therapy.

Harry How

The following is what I wrote between the second and third period of the game on Thursday:

Those Ducks sure do know how to give you a reality check on your range of emotions.

If you were busy celebrating on Tuesday night with buckets of beer, something tells me you were busy chucking empty beer bottles at the TV on Thursday night.

What scares me the most about this series thus far is that we're seeing what I feel is some quality hockey from the Ducks. It's not their best, but it's not their worst, for sure - and Detroit is only going to feed off Anaheim's desperation.

A huge positive has been the uprising of Teemu Selanne. He's admitted that the two game rest he got at the end of the season did him well, and I can't argue that. I definitely think these playoff games have been his best all season. Can we just sign him for the post season?

The Ducks are facing questions going forward: are they going to stay with Jonas Hiller? Now seems like a decent opportunity to make the switch. I don't think Hiller was particularly bad - he definitely got shafted by a few defensive blunders, but I also don't think he's at the top of his game either. And hell, Viktor Fasth is going to have to get some experience sooner or later. You know when would have been a great time to do that goalie change? About 20 seconds into the 3rd period - but whatever.

Defensively it sounds like the Ducks have Luca Sbisa back in their disposal, perhaps a heavy, hard hitting presence will help them going forward? After seeing the defense's ridiculous collapse in Game 2, I can't find a reason not to make this change.

Either way, going into Detroit without Mr. Momentum on Anaheim's side is going to be an outrageous mountain that I'm sure the Ducks were hoping they wouldn't have to climb. However, the Red Wings have shown us a few secrets in manipulating the game of hockey in your favor.

Ahhh, the passion of the post season. Gotta love it.


Then the third period happened.

I went from screaming and yelling to screaming and cheering. I may have lost my voice after Bobby Ryan scored that goal. I definitely woke my entire neighborhood.

And then...


Ugh, such a disappointment.

So - take something positive from this game, Anaheim. Take the fact that you CAN fight and battle back. You CAN beat this Detroit just can't give up those shitty ass goals at the beginning of periodSSSSSS!!!!!

Also, I vote that Fasth starts Game 3, that we put Sbisa back into the lineup and put Cam Fowler in on left wing! Oh, and hire me as a referee, I guarantee I can do a better job than what we've been seeing.