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Abdelkader Suspended 2 Games for Charging Lydman

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Brendan Shanahan NHL Vice President of Sweet Justice ruled that Justin Abdelkader's hit on Toni Lydman in Game 3 was "a high, violent check with significant contact to the head, that caused an injury"

2 Games!
2 Games!
Kirk Irwin

Well, there you have it. Justin Abdelkader, suspended two games for charging Toni Lydman in the second period of Game 3. Interestingly the suspension was not considered a violation of Rule 48 for illegal hits to the head, although Shanahan does use the phrase "significant contact to the head." Similarly, Shanahan does not refer to Abdelakder jumping, launching or leaving his feet on the play, but rather carefully states that he "elevates at contact."

Regardless of the semantics, Abdelkader will not be available for either Game 4, Monday or Game 5, back in Anaheim on Wednesday. Personally, I'm surprised that it was two games. I was expecting one, being that it was not a textbook hit to the head under Rule 48.

Per Eric Stephens of the Orange County Register, Lydman is suffering headaches and sensitivity to light (aka concussion) and is Questionable (hilarious) for Game 4 and if (HA!) he can't play, Sheldon Souray will draw back into the lineup. Reinstating Souray seems to be consistent with Boudreau's decision to stay with Jonas Hiller after giving up five goals in Game 2 when he said that, "If you start pulling guys after they make one mistake, then they’ll be afraid to play the game. So they've got to be able to play the game without fear of things happening to them."