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"We Don't Have Winter" Classic Coming To So Cal, Ducks vs. Kings at Dodgers Stadium

On Monday, the NHL announced the third official game of the Winter Classic Series: Ducks vs. Kings at Dodgers Stadium in LA on Jan. 25 at 7:00PM PT.

Just another day in sunny Southern California
Just another day in sunny Southern California
Stephen Dunn

Since the Winter Classics started, we'd all thrown around the idea of having a Winter Classic on the West Coast. We always laughed it off because it could never work! We don't have 'winter' in Southern California! So, naturally the NHL goes and schedules Kings vs. Ducks game at Dodgers Stadium (aka Chavez Ravine) on January 25, 2014 at 7:00PM PT.

Yes folks, it's officially official, So Cal is getting one of 3290482347829387 Winter Classics during the 2013-2014 NHL season.

While I think there are waaay too many outdoor games, I do have to admit it's kinda cool we're getting our own game. How it's going to work, I have no idea. It's usually in the 50's and 60's in January, not minus-37 like Edmonton.

I haven't been to Dodgers Stadium in a while (um, I don't want to die), so I asked Eric Stephen (no, not Eric Stephens) the editor at True Blue LA if the place was still as crappy as I remember. It is not! Thanks to Magic Johnson and friends, the stadium got an LA-style face-lift in the off-season. Check out True Blue LA for more pictures of the upgrades, including the scoreboard.


This is a great way to attract new fans and their money! The Winter Classic event has always been a cash cow and ratings grab for the NHL. After losing half the season of revenues in 2012-2013, they're doubling down on this particular series of events to try to make up the hole. One kind of funny note, many hockey writers have complained about having to cover all these Winter Classic games but they don't seem to mind coming to California in January as opposed to Chicago or Michigan.

So boys and girls, grab your wetsuits, boardshorts and bikinis and head to Chavez to cheer on the Ducks!

[We'll post more information as it becomes available.]