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Ducks & 29 Trades, Part II: The Southeast Division

The summer of trades continues with an adventure through the Southeast division where the only blockbuster of the series appears.


My major trade of the summer is with a team from the former Southeast Division and it is sensitive to the draft. I wanted to make sure I got it in before it was too late. Without further ado, let's get onto the trades.

[Ed. Note: In Part One, Daniel trades with the Atlantic Division - JN]

Washington Capitals

The Deal

Capitals get: 2014 4th round pick

Ducks get: Jeff Schultz

Why Washington Does it: Schultz is persona non grata in the Caps' organization right now. He's been shifted through three systems in two years and hasn't adapted the way they hoped. He's mostly become a 7th defenseman that no one wants. Getting anything for Schultz will probably be a win.

Why Washington doesn't do it: They convince someone to give them a third round pick.

Why the Ducks do it: Schultz experienced his best years under Bruce Boudreau and alongside the very offensive minded Mike Green. He may not be right handed, but he is a stay at home guy with a strong positional game, albeit a not very mobile one; he knows how to back up an offensive defenseman. He's been lost in the shuffle and might be a good reclamation project for BB.

Why the Ducks don't do it: He's another 3 million dollar defenseman on a blue line full of them. If the Ducks can't move someone else, then he's a surplus guy.

Overall Assessment: I spend most of my time contemplating how to pry Brooks Laich out of Washington's cold dead hands, but we can't always get what we want. Schultz is a surplus player for Washington who isn't completely devoid of value. It's the type of player you like to pick up on the cheap, a guy who can get a rebirth under his former coach. Worst case scenario-we've gotten younger on the blue line.

Carolina Hurricanes

The Deal

Huricanes get: Kyle Palmieri, Sheldon Souray

Ducks get: 2013 5th overall pick.

Why Carolina does it: Carolina needs offensive and defensive depth. Palms is a good option to help them spread their scoring a little better or complete the Jordan Staal, Jeff Skinner line. Souray offers a solid warm body for a defense that was rattled by injuries and will need somebody, anybody to avoid another emergency call up.

Why Carolina doesn't do it: Palms and Souray provide immediate help, but might not be better than anyone they can get with the No. 5 Pick. They might also get better offers.

Why the Ducks do it: The Souray part is mostly a salary dump allowing the Ducks to pursue a more serious upgrade, and acquiring the 5th pick makes them a stronger player for the top 4, if they want to trade into there. Of course, that will cost more assets. Still, drafting high in this draft is a pretty attractive proposal.

Why the Ducks don't do it: Palms is starting to look like a guy we want to keep around, and there's no guarantee we can find a replacement for Souray's minutes, although he was a healthy scratch during the playoffs. [Ed. Note: They have to convince Souray to waive his NMC - JN]

Overall Assessment: It's a trade I almost really like. The 5th pick might not be high enough to lure this package out of Anaheim. Really, this is a trade of Palms for the 5th because Souray is losing value for us, quickly. I wanted to take a swing for Ryan Murphy, but he's undersized and Carolina needs its young defenders to pan out for them.

Florida Panthers

The Deal:

Panthers get: 2013 5th round pick

Ducks get: Rights to Stephen Weiss

Why Florida does it: With their three 4th round picks and pair of 5th round picks, Florida can move into the third round and higher into the 4th to make some better selections. That's not a bad deal for a guy who probably won't re-sign and might not even sign where he's going.

Why Florida doesn't do it: They sign Weiss before the draft or they get someone to give them a higher pick.

Why the Ducks do it: Murray has been clamoring for a real 2C for some time now, and getting the option to negotiate with him exclusively could be the opportunity the Ducks need to make a better sell. If we can bring him to Anaheim, have Ryan Getzlaf, Scott Niedermayer and whoever show him and his family around town to make this more than just a hockey decision. That's the type of in Anaheim will need with a free agent like this to get some headway.

Why the Ducks don't do it: At this point, you should notice I did not offer the standard conditional pick that gets handed out in these types of situations. This team has been drafting better recently and giving up a pick solely for negotiation rights is a big gamble, but probably a necessary one to get in on this.

Overall Assessment: This is the type of bold move the Ducks need to explore. The single pick might not be enough, and there should be considerable interest from other teams. However, it's a fairly harmless gamble for the Ducks that could pay off big for Anaheim.

Tampa Bay Lightning

The Deal

Lightning get: Max Friberg, 2013 third round pick

Ducks get: Ryan Malone

Why Tampa Bay does it: They've been back and forth about moving Ryan Malone, and I'm pretty sure Yzerman would like to be rid of Malone's contract. Friberg is a prospect with some promise and the third round pick replaces the one Yzerman spent on Lindback, only to spend more picks on Ben Bishop.

Why Tampa Bay doesn't do it: Malone scores 20 goals when he plays more than 60 games. He's still an effective offensive player, when he plays. He doesn't necessarily have a history of playing a full season. Still, Yzerman might be looking for a larger return for a 20-goal scorer, even if he needs the cap relief.

Why the Ducks do it: should be obvious, but just in case we'll dance this dance. Malone is a big bodied left wing with a scoring touch who could probably look really nice on our top line with the Twins. He'd also make it a lot easier to trade Bobby Ryan. He won't necessarily replace the scoring, but he will soften the loss.

Why the Ducks don't do it: It's a pure money pick up; we won't be sending any money back. That means other players have to be moved. Plus, Murray seems to love ALL of his prospects, so maybe he doesn't want to give up Friberg for the immediate help.

Overall Assessment: It's a good deal for the Ducks, because they really need the help on the left side, and could use a little more scoring anyway. The extra money is a problem, but I think Murray has to be moving one of Souray or Bryan Allen to make space for either one of Sami Vatanen or Lindholm or another defender he will acquire via trade. The Lightning are tight up against the cap and they need to get defense somehow. This trade doesn't address that need, but it gets them the cap space to start thinking about becoming a player for anyone who is available. If they can get that D in a trade for Malone, that will blow this trade apart.

Winnipeg Jets

It's the moment we've all been waiting for.

The Deal

Jets get: Bobby Ryan, Peter Holland, Hampus Lindholm, the 26th pick

Ducks get: Zach Bogosian, Alexander Burmistrov, the 12th overall pick, and the Jets second round pick (42)

Why Winnipeg does it: The first reason is that they have to move Burmistrov and the ability to involve him in a huge package like this will mitigate, slightly, the discussion about how much they got for him. Nik Antropov isn't too old yet, but he's getting older and Holland is a viable option for the future. Acquiring Lindholm gives them 2 of the top 9 picks from the 2012 draft and a very good pairing for the future: Trouba/Lindholm. Bobby Ryan is a dynamic offensive talent that would complete a top 6 that features Bryan Little, Evander Kane, Andrew Ladd, Blake Wheeler, and Nik Antropov. Switching picks is a tough pill, but they'll have picked up sufficient talent to pay for it.

Why Winnipeg doesn't do it: Bogosian is starting to look like a No. 1 defender with each passing season. He's been in the top 25 in defensive 5-on-5 P/60 the past two years. He's physical and he's a right handed shot. He might be a franchise player at this point. This is really the only hang up I see from Winnipeg.

Why the Ducks do it: Bogosian solves a lot of problems for us. He's young, right handed, physical and his defensive game keeps improving. He and Beauchemin could form a legitimate top pairing; the first one since we had Niedermayer and Francois Beauchemin together.

Burmistrov is a strong player who can take over the 2C job or even shift to the wing to provide more scoring. He has the speed and ability to make a great tandem with Emerson Etem.The folks at Arctic Ice Hockey have done multiple posts on how Burmistrov made everyone better when he played with them. If they hadn't wasted the good faith, they wouldn't even be thinking about moving him. Not to mention picking 12th will help replace whatever prospect value we lose in Lindholm. It also doesn't necessarily fix their main problem: goaltending. But we can get in on that too.

Why the Ducks don't do it: They might see Lindholm as more valuable than this deal, same for Bobby Ryan. That's not really an accurate assessment though. Bogosian has two things Lindholm will never have: a right handed shot and a physical game. The real problem would be having to add 2 new RFA negotiations to Murray's plate. He doesn't necessarily have the best track record and if he gives away the store, we might be in trouble.

Overall Assessment: Before everyone jumps up and down screaming about how this isn't enough of a return for Bobby Ryan, you need to realize exactly what we are getting in this deal: a top 4 defender with top pair potential, a top 6 forward with immense talent and the opportunity to get another one of those in the draft. Think about a line of Palmieri, Burmistrov and Etem playing together for 5 years on cheap RFA deals. It's cool if you want to kiss me right now.

In return we give up a good center prospect who we don't necessarily have space for, a top scoring winger that we might not be able to re-sign anyway, and a blue-chip defensive prospect. Bogosian is only a couple years older than Lindholm, so you aren't really losing anything there. You still have Vatanen and Mat Clark in the system, and the ability to move Allen or Souray for a younger guy. You have to pay to play and this is a big price with a very good return.

I don't know if Winnipeg actually goes for it, but it's beautiful to think about. They get a serviceable replacement for both players in the system, without necessarily upgrading, and they get two years to convince Bobby Ryan to stay and make the team great. The other thing to keep in mind is that there is negotiating to be done with this deal, like Fasth/Hiller instead of Lindholm, or cutting Bobby and Bogosian out and adjusting the picks to just get Burmistrov. Winnipeg is a team we need to talk to.