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Surprise! Ben Lovejoy Was Not-Not Signed To A Three Year Contract

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After saying they wouldn't be re-signing Ben Lovejoy, the Ducks sign Ben Lovejoy to a $3.3M, three-year contract.


So, this was the report from the Ducks on Monday, Jun. 24:

(I read the article but I'm too afraid to get sued to post quotes.)

In the article, Bob Murray described the negotiations between the Ducks and Lovejoy's reps were really far apart - like Grand Canyon far apart.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this tweet from Eric Stephens:

WAIT. WHAT?! Then the numbers came out.

And of course, a bit later from the Ducks:

What a difference a couple days makes? I know there are a lot of happy Ducks fans out there; consider me one of them. I think he has been given the perfect amount of money and length of contract for his contribution the prior season.

Now I know what most of us are thinking - buyouts. As of Saturday/Sunday...

Just give it a couple more days and we'll find out the truth. (Takes off tinfoil hat).