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2013 NHL Entry Draft: Welcome To The Incubator, Ducklings (Open Thread)

What's gonna happen today? Do Jonas and/or Bobby get traded? Will Seth Jones drop to #26?

Debuted at the Draft, the 20th Anniversary Patch
Debuted at the Draft, the 20th Anniversary Patch
Courtesy of the Anaheim Ducks

Happy Draft Day, friends! Again we meet to welcome the Ducks of the future. We'll be here all day updating the site with all Ducks goings-on from New Jersey. For super-comprehensive pre-draft coverage, head over to the team site and then come back to the cool kids here.

As of 9:30am this morning, the Ducks have five picks. The team might pick at 26th; however, this is said to be one of the deepest drafts since the 2003 (arguably the best draft in NHL history), who had the likes of Corey Perry (#28), Ryan Getzlaf (#19), Zach Parise (#17), Ryan Suter (#7), Dion Phaneuf (#9), Jeff Carter (#11), Mike Richards (#24), Eric Staal (#2), and on and on.


NBCSN will broadcast the draft from 12:00pm PT to 5:00pm PT and then shift to NHL Network from 5:01pm PT to whenever the draft is done. Unlike prior years, the draft will be wrapped up in one day instead of two. Good news, at least I think it's good news, NBCSN and NHL-N US will be using TSN's feed, instead of doing one of their own.

Happy drafting!

[Ed. Note: As the Ducklings are picked, we're writing a brief dossier for yous guys. Should be up in a bit - JN]