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One-Timers: Draft Day Edition - Hiller & Ryan Trades, Tyler Seguin, Frugality & AFV?

Here we go with a quick round of random thoughts and comments from the brain of yours truly.

Mike Stobe

-- Per the OC Register Chamber of Secrets: Bob Murray has received many, many phone calls on Bobby Ryan and Jonas Hiller. He's not actively shopping them, though, and said it's completely possible the two start the year in Ducks uniforms. Where have I heard that 32857349857394875928735827598475398 times before?

For me, unloading Hiller's contract is a no-brainer. Granted we haven't really seen what Viktor Fasth can do in a full season but he's CHEAP. Frugality is going to be the theme of this year's off-season. How good can we get for the least amount of money?

-- Ducks management met with Vincent Lecavalier last night in the NHL's version of The Bachelorette. He wants multiple years at over $4.5M per year. Remember, frugality. There would have to be an unloading of contracts, and if he wants to come back, a hometown discount from Teemu Selanne. This is without factoring in whatever they're going to give Saku Koivu, Kyle Palmieri, etc. It would be a snowball's chance in hell Vinny would come to Anaheim anyway.

-- I do not want Tyler Seguin. I said this multiple times on Twitter yesterday and people crapped their pants. My reasoning has zero to do with Bobby Ryan. Z-E-R-O. Without a doubt Seguin is going to f-ing amazing one day. What scares me right now is his maturity level. He is Patrick Kane of a couple years ago; you know, when he was punching cabbies and such. It wasn't until Stan Bowman smacked some sense into Kane did he clean up his act.

No one has slapped some sense into Seguin yet. Coming to Southern California and living in Newport is not going to help. Bob Murray has shown his communication skills with his players is weak, at best. It's just not something I can see working out in the Ducks favor.

-- If you see a famous GM walk by you, like Stan Bowman, is it weird to ask for his autograph?

-- Finally, I think Team USA's goal song at the Olympics should be the theme from America's Funniest Home Videos. Not the current instrumental only version; the AFV Theme from the Bob Saget years.