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Your Friendly Weekend Links Roundup: The Grade Our Offseason! Edition

Plus some updates from the farm.

Frederick Breedon


  • This has already been discussed around the proverbial AC watercooler, but just to make it official: Bobby Ryan will wear No. 6 with the Ottawa Senators. [CANOE]
  • Former Fort Wayne Komets captain Colin Chaulk is running a local hockey camp in the area. [Fort Wayne Homepage]
  • Patrick Maroon discusses his background in roller hockey with the Ducks' website. [Anaheim Ducks]
  • ECHL Coach of the Year Jarrod Skalde has be hired by the Norfolk Admirals as an assistant coach. [Norfolk Admirals]
  • SB Nation grades the Ducks' offseason. [SB Nation]


  • As we all know, Ilya Kovalchuk announced his retirement from the NHL on Wednesday. However, he has the option of retuning to the NHL as a free agent during the 2018 offseason. [NY Post]
  • Kovalchuk's retirement is probably for the best, according to the Backhand Shelf. [Backhand Shelf]
  • The Phoenix Coyotes have signed Max Domi, son of former Toronto Maple Leafs enforcer Tie Domi, to a 3-year deal. [CBC]