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Bobby Ryan on HNIC Radio Transcript: Relief & Leaving Anonymity

Soon after being traded to the Ottawa Senators for Jakob Silfverberg, Stefan Noesen and 2014 first round pick, Bobby Ryan went on Hockey Night In Canada radio to talk about the trade.

Courtesy of CBC & HNIC

I missed the first minute, but here's a transcript of his interview with Rob Pizzo, Glen Healey and Elliotte Friedman

Bobby Ryan: I'm relieved ... I needed to start over. I needed it desperately ... it's hard to play like that ... It's felt like that for the last two years now and I'm looking forward to a very fresh start in Ottawa where I don't have to play like that every night. I can just go out and play and hopefully contribute to a lot of good things. So I think I kinda, and I hate to say it, but I've just felt like I've just kinda run my course there. When I talked to Bob Murray, recently, I think we agreed on it and it was a very cordial conversation. I think everybody thinks we have bad blood and we did not. We've never had anything but great conversations. But, like I said, it's just tough to play like that every day, so I'm looking forward to putting that all behind me and getting a fresh start.

Glen Healey: What do you know about your new team?

Bobby Ryan: Ha! You know what, we spend a lot of time in California watching those guys. We get into the rink, and obviously we go for a 7:00 game and those guys are already started at 4:00, so we spend a lot of time watching the Sens and I spent a lot of time watched them through the playoffs ... what they did last year was just incredible with a depleted roster and guys in and out and guys hurt. I know that they're a young team that really bought in to the coach there and I'm really looking forward to doing the same. I'm looking forward to being part of that core. I think I can step right in and help them. Really want to be a part of it. Can't wait.

Rob Pizzo: Have you spoken to any of the Ottawa Senators? Have any of them tweeted, texted you? Called you? Anything?

Ryan: I haven't heard from them on the phone yet. Kyle Turris tweeted me right away and I tweeted him right back that he's buying me dinner when I get in tomorrow, if he's in town. Other than that, no. I'm actually going to reach out and try to get a hold of Karlsson, Spezza and those guys in the next couple days and spend some time on the phone with them talking about it.

[Some banter about his girlfriend not knowing where Ottawa is. Blah blah blah]

Glen Healey: ... for you though, the transition it's going to be a little bit different with the media component the interest in a Canadian team. Hockey Night In Canada we'll have every game they have on Saturday nights. Are you intrigued by that? Excited by that?

Ryan: Very much so. Obviously, you retain a very, very certain high level of anonymity in Orange County. You don't get those games. I'm looking forward to being part of those games every weekend. In Anaheim you play ... Friday/Sunday, you spend your Saturday nights watching Hockey Night In Canada ... For me to be part of that culture is going to be really cool.

Pizzo: Bobby I know you said you're relieved at this trade, it's a good fresh start but when you look back at your total time in Anaheim ... what do you look back with? What are some of the fond memories? What are the memories that you'd just as soon as forget?

Ryan: Well, I would just as soon forget the trade rumors ... On a whole other note, I was very lucky in Anaheim ... I can't say enough good things about the organization, outside what we went through the last couple years, publicly. I had a blast playing there. The guys I'll miss most are obviously Getz and Pears. They're the only text messages I sent out right away. To thank those guys. I'll miss being part of that line. I'll miss that group of guys, but other than that, this is a start I needed and I'm really going to embrace it.

[Exchange of pleasantries and end scene.]