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Your Friendly Thursday Links Roundup: Justin Bourne Thinks We're Going To Struggle Next Year

Something about Sheldon Souray and PDO.

Jeff Gross


  • Down Goes Brown argues in Grantland that the "Teemu retirement storyline" is not as big as he thought it would be. Maybe he hasn't stopped by here recently... [Grantland]
  • Individual tickets for the Ducks' 20th anniversary season go on sale this Saturday at 10 am. [Anaheim Ducks]
  • Justin Bourne of Backhand Shelf thinks that the Ducks might struggle this season. Something about the absence of Sheldon Souray and PDO. Pop the hood and see if you agree. [Backhand Shelf]
  • Daniel Wagner has a more in depth look at whether the Ducks will make the playoffs this year, but comes to roughly the same conclusion. [Backhand Shelf]
  • Speaking of Sheldon Souray: the demented people at Battle of California have compiled several videos of people breaking their wrists. Go over there at your own risk. [Battle of California]