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One More Year!

And this time it really is ONLY one more year (or so he says).

I'm back Bitches!
I'm back Bitches!
Jeff Gross

Last week when Teemu claimed that he had to discuss his future with Bruce Boudreau and Bob Murray one more time, we all knew this day was coming. He said he'd decide sometime this week, and as we've come to expect he even pushed the limit of that, but here we are.

As is announced in the video above from the Ducks' official website. Teemu Selanne will return for his 21st and final NHL season, a deviation from the wait and see attitude he's taken for the last five years or so.

Per the incomparable Eric Stephens of the OC Register he'll make $2 million, a rather drastic cut from the $4.5 million he made last year (lockout excepted, of course). Possible bonuses could boost the cap hit, but this could be an indication as to how the discussion went with Boudreau regarding Teemu's role/ice time earlier in the week.

I have to say, I didn't really see it coming until last week. I had already started looking forward to his jersey retirement night, and convinced myself it was probably for the best to move on with the younger guys. But despite rationalizing it all summer, I can't contain my happiness that HE'S BACK!