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Welcome Back To Anaheim Calling, Ducks Fans!

The players report to their teams today so we decided we'd report back to ours, too. No more off-season filler content! And no more waiting until January to play.

Matt Beleskey models the team's season theme
Matt Beleskey models the team's season theme
Courtesy of the Anaheim Ducks

Dear Fellow Ducks Fans,

On behalf of the entire Anaheim Calling staff, I would like to welcome you to the 2013-2014 season coverage of your Anaheim Ducks. It's the 20th year of the franchise and there are many out in the hockey world who thought the Ducks (Mighty or not) wouldn't have lasted this long.

In 20 years, we've seen: lockouts; coaching/GM changes; an ownership change; a suspended owner who shouldn't have been suspended in the first place; the rebirth of a franchise; star players signed; star players traded or left; a league MVP; a majority of the career of a surefire HoF player and so much more. In 20 years, the franchise has been to two Stanley Cup finals. The first, a loss, in the 10th year of the franchise. The other, a win, in the 14th year of existence. I'll take waiting 14 years for a Cup over 45 years any day (BOOM! Passive aggressive slam.)

This season we'll be bringing you even more news and analysis of the Ducks and Admirals the entire 2013-2014 season. In order to do so, I added four new writers to the staff since the end of the post-season (sad trombone). Ben, Cory and the pizza-loving Kid Ish have been added to the Ducks beat and Carolyn teams up with Shawn to follow the Admirals.

Over the next few weeks, the counselors at Camp Anawannaheim will be preparing you for the regular season with so much information you'll instantly be the coolest kid on the block (no promises).

Thank you for your ongoing support of Anaheim Calling! We look forward to the always friendly banter.

Go Ducks!

Jen Neale - Managing Editor