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Reporting for Duty: Updates from Day 1 of Training Camp (Off-Ice)

News and notes from the world wide interwebs.

Harry How

The season is so close I can almost taste it. Today the Ducks reported to Training Camp for physicals, interviews, pictures etc.  They'll hit the ice for the first time tomorrow at Anaheim Ice.  Here's the schedule, all of the currently scheduled practices and scrimmages are open to the public, but subject to change of course.  And the Roster (not going to make the mistake of typing that one up myself like I did for Rookie Camp last week).

We were originally going to run this post in the morning and update throughout the day, but things got delayed, so here's a massive explosion of tweets that emanated from The Pond today.

Looks like the Ducks will be wearing Eggplant on Throwback Night (10/13) [Icethetics via Puck Daddy]

Western Conference Training Camp Story Lines, the Ducks are about halfway down the page [Puck Daddy]

Is it just me or does it look like Beleskey is working out for a water skiing competition in that picture?

I <3 TEEMU (Yes, I am a 12-year-old girl, why do you ask?)

Comment from Jen:  "BAHAHAHAH"