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Countdown to the 2013-14 Season: Right Wing Preview

From amateur tryouts to Hockey Hall-of-Famers to guys with the big bucks, there are plenty of Right Wing options!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Corey Perry

#10 / Right Wing / Anaheim Ducks



May 16, 1985

2013 Stats: 44 GP, 15G, 21A 36 P, 19:04Avg TOI, 72PIM; 2013 Playoffs: 7GP, 0 G, 2 A, 2 P

Last year's grade: Last season, Kristen gave Perry a B-, read more about that here.

Perry has a lot of heavy duffle bags, full of cash, riding on his shoulders this season. I think as a whole there was a huge disappointment in the lack of production from Perry in particular during the Ducks' short stay in the post season and that is causing a bit of concern. Regardless of what we saw during the short season last year, Perry is now got to step up and be a leader on this team more so than ever. Of course, what will be more interesting is to see how things develop with the old "kid line" back in play.

I can’t imagine it would be unrealistic to expect Perry to be in the 35 goal range. I mean, $8 million tells me that there are plenty of other people who expect him to be there as well.

Teemu Selanne

#8 / Right Wing / Anaheim Ducks



Jul 03, 1970

2013 Stats: 46GP, 12G, 12A, 24P, 15:42Avg TOI, 28PIM, there are a lot of notable stats for this fella, but the most important is that this will be his last season to climb the "all time" charts. He has 675 goals, just 25 shy of an amazing 700. He was on pace for 21 goals last season, can he push that to 25 this year?

Last year's grade: Kyle gave Selanne a C+ last season, there's room for improvement, right?

Teemu Selanne is that guy who just loves to defy odds. He has this willpower to do the Gods work at just the right time. I'm going to bet that his season starts out slow. I know he claims to ignore the numbers, but he knows 700 is in reach and I think he'll be trying too hard early on to get the ketchup out of the bottle. Once he remembers to just go out there and have fun, I'm sure he'll have no problem making strides towards that goal. He's going to have a fun year saying goodbye and signing a lot of farewell sticks.

Jakob Silfverberg

#33 / Right Wing / Anaheim Ducks



Oct 13, 1990

2013 Stats: Ottawa: 48GP, 10G, 9A, 19P, 16:14Avg TOI, 12PIM; Binghamton, AHL: 34GP, 13G, 16A, 29P, 2PIM

Last year's grade: Last season, Silfverberg was given a B over at Silver Seven

The really awesome thing about being a relatively young player, and one that comes from an Eastern Conference team, is that I have pretty much zero expectations for you coming into your first season with the Ducks. Sure, I have some "wishes": offensive contributions, competent with the puck, giving 100% effort - like, all the time. All of that being said, you were involved in a huge (inevitable) trade that involved Bobby Ryan, and that pretty much puts a gigantic sign over the top of your head that will remind each and every Bobby fan out there that you're the "replacement" (whether or not you actually ARE the replacement). So, get ready dude, cause the pressure is on.

We aren’t going to see Silfverberg replace Bobby's 30 goals a season. In fact, if that's what you're expecting, then get ready for an upset. However, I do hope we're getting a team player in Silfverberg. A guy who's only got 15 goals because the other players on his line have 15 as well.

Kyle Palmieri

#21 / Left Wing / Anaheim Ducks



Feb 01, 1991

2013 Stats: 42GP, 10 G, 11A, 21P, 12:20Avg TOI, 9PIM; 2013 Playoffs:7GP, 3G, 2A, 5P

Last year's grade: Palmieri was given a B+ by Chris last season.

Palmieri's got a new 3 year contract and for the first time we're going to see him play through 82 games. Expectations are going to be high for Palmieri as the Ducks are going to look for scoring depth and whatever line he’s thrown on will be expected to contribute. His size will always hinder his physical presence, but Palmieri has shown that he’s capable of playing alongside any duo of players as he’s often asked to fill in when things aren’t necessarily going well offensively.

He was on pace for just under 20 goals last season and I don’t see why he couldn’t push himself to that very mark again.

Devante Smith-Pelly

2013 Stats: 7GP, 0G, 0A, 0P, 9:00Avg TOI, 4PIM; Norfolk, AHL: 65GP, 14G, 18A, 32P, 65PIM

Last year's grade: Chris gave Devante Smith-Pelly a D last season.

DSP has had trouble breaking into the Ducks lineup and staying there. I think a bit part of the problem is his size and excessive effort. One thing that fans love about DSP is that he’s a physical brooding guy with an offensive potential. One thing I DON’T like about DSP is the way he uses that physicality. Quite frankly, I still don’t think he knows how to pace himself. He hits the ice, skates SO hard that he’s not able to finish his shift with as much gusto as he started it with, and ultimately becomes a liability during play.

With that being said, DSP is going to have to prove a lot to the coaches early on that he can be as effective in the NHL as he is in the AHL. Quite frankly, with the news that has been coming out of camp, I think he’ll still continue to be a bubble player and spend more time in the AHL than the NHL this season.

Brad Staubitz

#25 / Right Wing / Anaheim Ducks



Jul 28, 1984

2013 Stats: 15GP, 1G, 1A, 2P, 6:13Avg TOI, 41PIM

Last year's grade: Staubitz’s D- was generous from Chris last season.

Probably the one player most fans wouldn’t mind seeing miss a few games is Brad Staubitz. His role as an enforcer is obvious as the guy is constantly trying to pick fights whether it’s during games or in training camp. But if you ask me, I think I’d rather let Matt Beleskey and even Luca Sbisa pick a few fights if necessary over having Staubitz see any ice time whatsoever.

AHL bound

Stefan Noesen

2013 Stats: Plymouth Whalers, OHL: 51GP, 25G, 28A, 53P, 43PIM

A first round (21st overall) pick in 2011, the Ducks acquired Noesen in the Bobby Ryan trade. At 20 years of age, if Noesen doesn’t stick with the Ducks, he’ll be headed to the AHL this season. He’s clearly a scorer as he bested the point-per-game average. Ottawa GM Bryan Murray compares Noesen to Corey Perry and the Ducks can never have too many of those!

Zack Stortini

2013 Stats: Hamilton Bulldogs: 73GP, 2G, 4A, 6P, 241PIM, Last NHL game was 1 (ONE) game with Nashville in 2011. His career high came in 2009-10 with Edmonton where he played in 77 games.

From the famed 2003 draft class (without garnering any fame), Stortini is likely to be a career AHLer. I can’t imagine we’ll be seeing much of him throughout the course of the season, unless, for some reason, he dethrones Staubitz.

Chris Wagner

2013 Stats: Norfolk, AHL: 70GP, 8G, 13A, 21P, 65PIM

Wagner was signed by the Ducks in April 2012 and left collegiate hockey behind. In doing so, he spent last season with the Norfolk Admirals where he has improved in the faceoff circle (hey, now…the Ducks could use one of those guys!). In terms of future growth, Wagner is headed in the right direction and, while most likely headed back to the AHL for more growth, could be NHL bound soon, especially in a defensive role.

Steven Whitney

2013 Stats: Boston College: 38GP, 26G, 19A, 45P, 54PIM; Norfolk, AHL: 8GP, 3G, 1A, 4P, Avg TOI, 2PIM

Signed as a free agent this past summer, Whitney was noted at Hockey’s Future to be a highly sought after college player for his physical play, despite his 5’7" stature (I’m sure he’ll be listed at 5’10" in the future). It is also noted that he has a great vision on the ice and could be a useful tool on the power play. Hey, we know a killer power play right winger who will be hanging ‘em up next season, maybe Whitney can be the replacement? Yea, I doubt it, too. Either way, it sounds like the Ducks scored with this free agent and they’ll be glad to let him do some further development in the AHL this season.

Juniors bound

Nick Sorensen

2013 Stats: Quebec Remparts, QMJHL: 46GP, 20G, 27A, 47P, 18PIM

After suffering a knee injury in the 2011-12 season, Sorensen came back to have an above-point-per-game season with the Quebec Remparts of the QMJHL. At age 18, Sorensen is likely to return there this season to continue his development. In the recent Top Prospects Game, he was ranked 48th by scouting reports and is considered to be a playmaker first.

Austin Carroll

Released from amateur tryout on September 16, 2013.