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Countdown to the 2013-14 Anaheim Ducks Season: Shootout Preview

Yeah, yeah, we know. You hate the shootout and you think the NHL should get rid of it. Well, they should get rid of the Kings too, but they won't and we're stuck with them, just like we're stuck with the shootout.

Christian Petersen

2013 Stats:

The Ducks did well in the shootout last season, finishing 6-3. Seven shooters and two goaltenders participated.

Player Goals Attempts Shooting Percentage
Corey Perry 5 8 62.5
Ryan Getzlaf 3 4 75.0
Nick Bonino 3 5 60.0
Saku Koivu 2 3 66.7
Bobby Ryan 2 5 40.0
Andrew Cogliano 0 1 0.0
Teemu Selanne 0 4 0.0

Jakob Silfverberg, by the way, went 4 for 7, or 57.1% with Ottawa.

Player Wins Losses Shots Against Saves Save Percentage
Viktor Fasth 5 1 20 13 .650
Jonas Hiller 1 2 10 7 .700

Shooting Order: Just in case a shootout goes really, really, REALLY long, here is the entire roster in order of who should participate in the shootout (guess who's last).

1. Corey Perry. He's good. Simple as that. He's usually pretty confident, too. Quick hands, quick shot. And he doesn't always swing really far to the right anymore.

2. Jakob Silfverberg. Probably the only guy on the team that can get a shot off quicker than Perry. Just ask the winningest goalie of all time.

3. Ryan Getzlaf. Easily the Ducks' most creative guy in the skills competition. He can score on any type of shot, and I really wish he would do this again. (sorry about the Bob Miller)

4. Teemu Selanne. If he doesn't score on the first couple, fine, move him down. Just remember. This is Teemu Selanne.

5. Nick Bonino. He made some good moves last year, so if Teemu struggles, he could be the first extra guy.

6. Kyle Palmieri. Sixth seems a little too low for a guy with this much talent. Something tells me Palms is going to be very good at the shootout. Some time in November, a shootout will run a little long and he'll be there to end it. After that, he'll be promoted to third or fourth shooter. Alright, now I'm just making stuff up.

7. Saku Koivu. Age shouldn't be much of a factor in the shootout, and Koivu has a knack for outsmarting goalies.

8. Cam Fowler. Remember this? I figure he can do it again.

9. Sami Vatanen. Fowler is ahead of this guy because, well, seniority or something. They are both offensively gifted players who have the potential to end a long game.

10. Andrew Cogliano. He scored a few a couple years ago, didn't he? Yeah, send him out there.

11. Emerson Etem. This is the one I'm going to get heat for, I know it. Etem turned into a fan favorite overnight, and for good reason. But for all his late season and playoff exploits, did he ever show spectacularly quick hands? Maybe a couple times, but it's his speed and tenacity that really won our hearts, and neither of those things matter too much after 65 minutes of regular season hockey. [Ed. Note: Which is why the shootout sucks! -CK]

12. Matt Beleskey. Will every goalie know that he's going to shoot instead of deke? Yeah, probably.

13. Dustin Penner. His hands are a little softer than people might think. Or at least they were in 2007. Whether or not that is still true remains to be seen.

14. Hampus Lindholm. I'm going to name more than 18 players here, by the way. Anyone who will probably play in at least one NHL game this season is going on this list. And Lindholm's got talent, that's for sure. But the last thing I'm going to worry about with him is his shootout performance.

15. Peter Holland. No reason he can't be good at this. Right?

16. Francois Beauchemin. Please do this. I seem to remember you trying a wrist shot during that marathon shootout against Vancouver a few years ago. That's pretty boring, dude.

17. Rickard Rakell. Seventeen players in, and we don't have anyone who absolutely cannot handle a puck. Pretty good group, all things considered.

18. Daniel Winnik. He seems like a nice guy. As good a reason as any to put him in at this point.

19. Luca Sbisa. This is your one chance to make up for your missed assignment that led to the goal that sent this game into overtime in the first place. Don't blow it.

19. Devante Smith-Pelly. We haven't forgotten about you yet.

20. Sheldon Souray. I bet he'd take a slapshot. That would not sit well with me. Sheldon Souray being a YouTube sensation, when it could have been Beauch.

21. Ben Lovejoy. Solid, dependable stay-at-home defenseman. Exactly the type of player who we're looking for here.

23. Mark Fistric. Getting down to the nitty gritty, aren't we?

24. Nolan Yonkman. Yes, I'd say so.

25. Patrick Maroon. Should probably go in front of those names right above him. But it has been set down in type and is now irreversible.

26. Bryan Allen. Blindfold him and tell him that the net is about six feet to the left of where it actually is.

27. Jonas Hiller. Everyone wants in on the action.

28. Viktor Fasth. Don't worry, it gets worse.

29. Bruce Boudreau. Just stalling at this point.

30. That guy with the beard who always points at the camera when the Ducks score. I wonder how he'd celebrate if he scored.

30. Corey Perry with the little stick he used at the All Star competition.

31. Brad Staubitz.