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Milestones for Teemu

If this is in fact Teemu Selanne's last season in the NHL, then it's also his last chance to climb the all-time lists. Several big milestones are within his reach if he plays close to 82 games.

Jeff Gross

700 Goals

Selanne's total currently stands at 675. Last season, he scored 12 goals in 46 games, so he needs to pick up the pace just a little bit to notch 25 over the course of an 82 game season. In his last full season, 2011-12, he scored 26, and he was 41 at the time. If Selanne can stay healthy and keep producing, 700 is within reach.

Top 10 All-Time Goal Scorer

Even if he doesn't make it all the way to 25 on the season, he is likely to jump into the top ten all-time goal scorers. Jaromir Jagr sits at 10th with 682, but he will continue to add to his totals with the New Jersey Devils. Selanne needs 16 to pass Mario Lemieux (690) and guarantee his spot in the top ten. Also within reach are Steve Yzerman (692) and Mark Messier (694). If Selanne catches Lemieux, Yzerman, and Messier but does not catch Jagr, he will end his season — and likely his career — holding down the eight position on the all-time list. Rather fitting, don't you think?

Number One in Goal Scoring by a European Player

This one is more difficult to calculate because the one man in front of him is still playing. Jagr's total of 681 will keep rising, so Selanne will have to score seven more goals than Jagr does if he wants to pass him. Jagr did score more than Selanne last year (16 to 12), but if his playoff exploits are any indication (0 goals in 22 games), he is still within reach. The tricky part is that Jagr may play another season after this one, so even if Selanne does pass him, it may be only temporarily.

Number Two in Power Play Goals

With 251 PPG, Selanne needs to score 15 in order to pass Brett Hull (265) and become the second most prolific power play goal scorer in NHL history. Usually dynamite on the extra-man unit, Selanne only scored three PPG last season, but the season before that he scored 12 and before that he scored 16. This milestone is definitely a bigger reach than 700 goals, but it isn't completely out of the question. In case you were wondering, Dave Andreychuk is the king, with 274 PPG to his name. Selanne would need 24 to pass him, a total he has reached three times in his career, most recently in 2006-07. Don't count on that happening again.

Climbing the Game-Winning Goals List

Game winners are always difficult to predict, and one player's totals can vary a great deal season to season. During the shortened season last year, Selanne only scored one game winner, equalling his career low he set in 1994-95. He needs four GWG — the same amount he had two years ago — to gain sole possession of the number three spot, and after that, he needs a lot of luck. Phil Esposito is still eleven game winners away, and Jagr may well add to his total.

Player GWG
1 Jaromir Jagr 118
tie Phil Esposito 118
3 Brett Hull 110
4 Brendan Shanahan 109
5 Teemu Selanne 107