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2013-14 Ads Preview: Key Losses

Two of our Norfolkians Norfolkites Norfolkers friends in Norfolk give us their thoughts on some ex-Admirals.

Harry Z!
Harry Z!
John Wright/Norfolk Admirals

[Note: Like in the other previews this was done without knowing the roster for the season, some of these players may still end up with the Admirals.]

According to SHAWN:

Nate Guenin - Defense

2013 Stats: 66 games played, 24 points (4 G, 20A), 38 PIM

Where did he go? Colorado Avalanche/

What did we get for him? Nothing, he was picked up by the Avs as a free agent.

Who is going to fill his role this year? The easy choice before training camp started would be Nolan Yonkman as a veteran defensive player like Nate was. Yonkman has also been the captain of a few teams. Now with the injuries taking out the blue line slowly in Anaheim who knows who will step in as the stay at home player with an ok offensive game? Only Chris Wagner and Mat Clark, who are, both returning for 2013 played more games than Guenin. Nate usually played on the top unit of the power play with Sami Vatanen.

Jordan Hendry - Defense

2013 Stats: 62 games played, 11 points (2 G, 9 A), 63 PIM

Where did he go? He signed with the Straubing Tigers of the Deutsche Eishockey Liga

What did we get for him? Nothing at all.

Who is going to fill his role this year? I don't know if we will have Sami this season but Hendry was his line partner probably 95% of the time. Jordan played a tough defensive game for his size, and his awareness/skill allowed Sami to pinch and try out things while Hendry was there to help fix his rookie mistakes. Hendry was also one of the top penalty killers we had last season.

Patrick Maroon - Forward (he played all three positions last season)

2013 Stats: 64 games, 50 points (26-24 and 12 PPG), 139 PIM.

Where did he go? He got a two year, one way NHL contract which makes it seem like he will see a lot of time in Anaheim this season.

What did we get for him? Still in the system.

Who is going to fill his role this year? Honestly? No one except him could do what he did. He lead the team in points, goals, power play goals, penalty minutes, was 4th in fighting majors with only John Kurtz, Troy Bodie, and Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond ahead of him, and he played right, center, and left up front when he needed too. If you were an opposing player trying to defend him under the goal line you might as well have just given up, he was a dominating guy.

Rod Pelley - Center

2013 Stats: 60 games played, 3 goals and 7 assists, 34 PIMs

Where did he go? New Jersey Devils

What did we get for him? Nada

Who is going to fill his role this year? Pelley was probably the best faceoff man on the team as well as being a pretty good penalty killer. I think the person that could fill his role best would be Chris Wagner who has a really good two way game and can kill penalties decently. Wagner is listed as a winger but I believe he played center a bit last year like most people did with the Ducks having all the wingers.

Emerson Etem - Right Wing

2013 Stats: 45 games played, 13 goals and 3 assists, only 12 penalty minutes.

Where did he go? He impressed the staff in Anaheim at the end of last season after he excelled once he got ice time over struggling players, like Devante Smith-Pelly did in Norfolk.

What did we get for him? In the system still.

Who is going to fill his role this year? Kind of like Maroon, I don't think anyone will be able to match his skills. His speed, hands, and his awesome penalty killing are a hard combo to find. On almost every PK he would get a shorthanded breakaway chance it seemed. Only time will reveal the replacement. Or, you know, just send him back down...........

SamI Vatanen - Defense

2013 Stats: 62 games played, 9 goals and 36 assists, 44 PIMs.

Where did he go? Possibly Anaheim?

What did we get for him? Still in the system.

Who is going to fill his role this year? Purely guessing here, but Kevin Gagne is another undersized defenseman and can score some points and does well on the power play. But just like Etem, you could always just send him back.

Pierre-Luc-Jean-Paul-Georges-Ringo--Henri-Richard-Sebastien-Mathieu Letourneau-Leblond - Right Wing
[Ed. Note: Last time we use that joke, I promise -CK]

2013 Stats: 33 games played, a surprising 3 goals and 5 assists, 98 PIM.

Where did he go? Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins

What did we get for him? Nothing at all.

Who is going to fill his role this year? Zack Stortini. I think it is a downgrade with PL3 being one of the few true heavyweights left in pro hockey, in my opinion. But, from what I saw of Stortini in camp I think he will be well liked by the players and fans and I think he will bring a nice veteran presence with him and definitely some leadership.

According to CAROLYN:

Jay Rosehill- LW/Defense

2013 Stats: Last season he played 33 games and posted 4 goals and 4 assists for 8 points. He also registered 90 minutes in penalties. In the 2 years of his first stint with the Admirals, as a part of the Tampa Bay Lightning system, he played a combined 123 games and posted 8 goals and 11 assists for 19 points. He also racked up 415 minutes in penalties.

Where did he go? Traded to the Philadelphia Flyers

What did we get for him? Harry Zolnierczyk, and we dodged a 2 year $1.35 mil contract extension.

Who is going to fill his role this year? Alex Grant should fill the role of "enforcer" well and not take as many senseless penalties.

Harry Zolnierczyk- LW

2013 Stats: In 9 games with the Admirals, Zolni posted 2 goals and 14 minutes of penalty time. Zolni was acquired from the Philadelphia Flyers in exchange for Jay Rosehill. While not playing many games for the Admirals, Zolni did posses considerable NHL level playing experience.

Where did he go? Zolni was traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins, the team he scored his first NHL goal against.

What did we get for him? Defenseman Alex Grant

Who is going to fill his role this year? New addition, Joseph Cramarossa could easily fill in at LW, if he is not playing Center.

Nate Guenin- Defense

2013 Stats: In 66 games Nate posted 4 goals and 20 assists for his 24 points. He tallied only 38 minutes in the penalty box. Guenin wasn't just a player, he was the captain, directly assigned by Anaheim during the lockout.

Where did he go? Colorado Avalanche

What did we get for him? Nate was an Unrestricted Free Agent (RFA) and signed a 2 way 1 year deal.

Who is going to fill his role this year? If Sami Vatanen doesn't return from the Ducks I'd say Mat Clark will be the "go to" guy for defense. It's going to be extremely difficult given the thinly spread defense within the organization. As far as a new captain, I'd say that's a toss-up between Maroon and Vatanen depending up on final roster cuts.