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Help Wanted: Anaheim Calling's Next Top Writer, The Sequel

Can you smell it? Can you smell the faint stench of sweat covered hockey pads? Training Camp and the season are almost here.


As the Anaheim Calling staff prepares for the upcoming season, we realized we need someone to fill the skates of our dearly departed SK and Robby (retired, not dead). We've got one of the two spots filled with a writer to be introduced to you later. Now we need one more Duck fan to complete our army.

You interested?

Before you decide you want to apply, make sure you can do ALL of the following:

#1 - Are you a member of the Anaheim Calling community? If the answer is no, don't send me an email.

#2 - Do you have a basic grasp of grammar, punctuation and sentence structure?

#3 - Are you able to commit to writing AT LEAST once a week and work well under deadlines? I run a tight ship around here. The staff will tell you I am a psycho hose beast when it comes to deadlines.

#4 - Do you handle criticism well? People are much braver on the web. They're more willing to tell you how much you suck because they aren't saying it to your face. Having a sense of humor about it helps.

#5 - Are you a Ducks fan? DUH.

If you can meet ALL of the above, you'll need to submit a writing sample.

Please email me ( a writing sample of anything Ducks related. Get creative. The sample can be up to 750 words at the very most. (Fair warning - if I get a post breaking down the Bobby Ryan trade, I might throw my Macbook out the window and you'll be forced to buy me a new one.)

The deadline for submissions is Monday, September 9 at 12:00PM PT.

Feel free to email me with questions.

Good luck!