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2014-15 Anaheim Ducks Season

The Full 2014-15 Anaheim Ducks Season as it happens.

Duck Tales: Chicago wins the Stanley Cup Again

Lots of links surrounding the Stanley Cup champs...woop-di-dooo

Duck Tales: The San Diego AHL Affiliate Edition

AHL hockey is coming!

Chicago Is The New 'Standard Bearer' For The NHL

All hail the new masters of the NHL universe, as the Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning in six games to claim the Stanley Cup for the third time in six years. With the win Chicago has entrenched itself as the league's new standard.

Handshake Line: Original 6 Sad Sack Get Their Seat

History has a strange way of re-writing itself, and the Chicago Blackhawks have undergone a process the last several seasons that dramatically alters their standing all time amongst the league.

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Ducks Cut Assistant Brad Lauer Loose

The man responsible for the Ducks lower third power play each of the last three seasons has been shown the door by GM Bob Murray as Bruce Boudreau remains on as head coach in Anaheim.

Handshakes (From The Press Box)

It's kind of tough to write a handshake post when you saw only one game of the series thanks to a spectacular trip across Europe, but here goes.

Duck Tales: Summer Planning

Bruce's future, Free Agency, tagging and a bit of baseball.

Podcast: Wish It Were Better Circumstances

The 2014-15 season ended just like 20 others in franchise history, without the Stanley Cup. The guys talk the Western Conference Final against Chicago, what to do with the roster moving forward, playoff superlatives and much more.

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AC Playoff Predictions 2015: Final Round

If you can get over sobbing about the loss for long enough, the predictions game has one final round for you. This time the points are doubled and the rules get crazy. One last chance to compete. These must be submitted by 5:15pm PDT on Wednesday, June 3rd in order to qualify.

LIVE 'Anaheim Calling: The Podcast' Tonight @ 8 PM

Anaheim calls to the hockey world LIVE as Eric and Kyle put a bow on the Western Conference Final and the 2014-15 Anaheim Ducks postseason. Listen as it happens, participate in the live chat, and so much more!

Snap Reflection: 2014-15 Was A Good Year For Ducks

While it didn't end with a second title in Orange County, there's plenty to appreciate about what this season brought Ducks fans. Check out seven reasons to be positive about 14-15, and even more so heading in to next season.

#Game #7 #Loss #At #Home #Again

Hmmmmmm another game 7 loss at home. Nobody could have possibly predicted this. *cough* Jer *cough*

Duck Tales: Once More Unto The Breach

Tomorrow, the Ducks will either end their season or punch their ticket to the Stanley Cup Final. Gulp. (Also, magumbo alert).

7th Game Of A 7th Game: On Boudreau's Teams

By now you've heard the narrative about how Bruce's team's "can't win game sevens". Lets take a look back at the results that have lead to that, while also exploring some deeper history as well as a ponder over what can be done on Saturday.

GameThread: Ducks vs Blackhawks Game Five

All the necessary stats for the pivotal fifth game of the Western Conference Final as the Ducks look to defend home ice in what has become a best of three against the Chicago Blackhawks.

Game Five Preview: And Now It's A Best Of Three

The Ducks have dropped a pair of overtime decisions to the Blackhawks, but have seemingly been the better team for the balance of play thus far. To be the man, you have to beat the man, and the Ducks look to do so with home ice advantage.

Duck Tales: Eat My Shorts, Mike Milbury

You come at Corey Perry, you best not miss.

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Sporting News Remembers Creation of Ducks New Look For 2006-07

Ever wonder what the process was like for the Ducks evolving from their 'Mighty' roots to their current design graphically? Sporting News' Todd Radom has a great article about it.

Podcast: Haze Of Excitement And Craziness

The first two Western Conference Final games are in the books, and the Ducks and Blackhawks are even. The guys talk about Anaheim taking advantage of chances in game one, the longest playoff game played in California, and much more.

AC Playoff Prediction Challenge 2015: Round Three

We're halfway to finding out who will hoist the Cup, and also at the midpoint to crowning our own playoff sage here at Anaheim Calling. Find out which staffer and readers lead through two rounds, and get our Conference Final picks here.

Ducks/Hawks: "Expert" Predictions

Time for the playoffs Western Conference Final to actually begin!

Regular Season Series Breakdown-Ducks v Blackhawks

An in depth look at how the two teams of the Western Conference Final fared when facing off in the regular season.

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2015 AC Playoff Prediction Challenge: Conference Finals

Kyle in England means I'm in charge of the pick 'em for this round, which is what it is. Click the link and make sure to get your picks in before 10AM Saturday, May 16th and puck drop for the Rangers-Lightning Eastern Conference Final. You have all day Friday to do it, so do it!

Handshake Line: Persistence Breeds Success

Two rounds down and the Ducks are still alive. Time to say some kind things about their most recent victims, the Calgary Flames.

Handshake Line: Flames On Fire!

Giving credit to a young, exciting Calgary Flames team.

Podcast: It's Real Now

Having reached preseason expectations, the Ducks now face the challenge of the two-time recent Cup champions. Eric & Kyle talk finishing the Flames, the matchup with the Blackhawks, Getzlaf & Perry vs Toews & Kane, critical depth players, D and more.

Special Teams Power Ducks Play In 4-2 Game 4 Win

Jakob Silfverberg scored the game-opening power play goal and assisted on Matt Beleskey's game winner with the man advantage as the Ducks moved one step closer to their first Western Conference Final appearance since the 2006-07 season.

GameThread: Ducks vs Flames Game Four

Anaheim looks to return home with a chance to close out the series, while Calgary is looking to force one more guaranteed trip to the C of Red.

Ducks vs Flames Game 4: Series At The Crossroads

After having game three snatched away late, the Ducks look to return to what was successful in the first six playoff games. The forwards corps could see changes to the bottom lines, but nothing is confirmed as Anaheim looks for a 3-1 series lead.

Podcast: LIVE Game 3 Postgame - The Flamiest

Eric and Kyle do something new by LIVE broadcasting a brief (by their standards) postgame podcast reacting to game three. Hear it back here, as the guys explore just what happened, what can be done in game four, and much more.

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This Seems Like A GREAT Time

For all the non-OC local Ducks fans, your friends at 'Anaheim Calling: The Podcast' have you covered. Come on out to the Tilted Kilt in Thousand Oaks this Friday for our unofficial game four watch party!

AC Playoff Prediction Challenge 2015: Round Two

With round one in the books and round two getting off to a rousing start, let's get an update on the scores and take a look at the predictions through round two.


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