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Win a Pair of Tickets to the Stadium Series

Comment on this post for your chance to win two tickets to the Ducks/Kings Outdoor Game at Dodger Stadium next weekend.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

That headline sounds like a total scam, right?  Well, it's not!

SB Nation is holding a sweepstakes for a registered member of the Anaheim Calling community to win tickets to the "We Don't Have a Winter" Classic.


How do you enter? Glad you asked... simply comment on this post.  It can be anything from a simple "Pick Me!" to an insight on the game or even a haiku.  It doesn't matter, if you comment on this post you get one entry into the drawing.

When: Now through 5:00 pm ET Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Eligibility: As long as you're a legal resident of the USA, 18 years or older, a registered member of the AC community (ie. you can comment on this post) and not related in any way to an SBN employee, you're good.  But check the official rules here, just in case.

WINNER: Will be chosen by a random drawing using some sort of magical machine kept deep in the bowels of SBN headquarters.  I'm just the messenger, I have no power over it and neither does anyone at SBN.   I, for one, welcome our new computer overlords.

Delivery: The lucky Ducks fan (we hope) who is chosen will be notified by a member of the SBN staff to provide a mailing address for overnight shipping.

But don't trust me, make sure you read the Official Rules, by clicking here!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Good Luck and Let's Go Ducks!