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Interview: AC Editor Eric Evelhoch Talks Ducks On New York Internet Sports Radio 'In The Slot'

Our east coast friends were looking for a fill in the first quarter of the Anaheim Ducks season, and Hawk was happy to oblige.


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After another attention-grabbing start to the season and fresh off the heels of a tremendous Wednesday Night Rivalry appearance in last weeks win over LA, the appetite for Anaheim Ducks information and opinion spreads far and wide. New York Internet Sports Radio's "In The Slot" welcomed AC Editor Eric Evelhoch to discuss and update the eastern seaboard on Anaheim hockey, touching on:

- Western Conference dominance in general

- The Ducks goaltending situation

- Whether or not this years roster is better than last year

- The Bryan Allen/Rene Bourque deal

- Emergence of the Anaheim/Los Angeles rivalry as one of the league's best

Hosts Nick and Rob discuss all this and more with Eric in an expansive near one hour interview that serves as a snapshot of where the Ducks currently stand, as well as a look at the players and performances that have helped get them there. It's the perfect way to get insight into how the east coast views Anaheim, and also take a broad look at the Ducks current situation.


Follow Nick (@bklynjoker90) and Rob (@Rob_InTheSlot) for Rangers and NHL coverage, and be sure to check out their slate of weekly programming on New York Internet Sports Radio (@NYISR).