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Takeaways: Just In Case You Forgot What Losing Feels Like

The Ducks dropped three of their four games, all of which were at home. That 126-point season they were on pace for wasn't going to happen anyway, best to get rid of that illusion now.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

1. This week had to happen at some point. The Ducks weren't completely dominated in any of the games, but that's not the point. The point is that their winning percentage up until recently was not sustainable, and it had to cool off a little bit. This does not mean the Ducks are a bad team. It doesn't even mean they're a mediocre team. They are still a very good team, but right now, not the best team. In all likelihood, the upcoming Olympics loom large in the minds of the Ducks' best players. Take Ryan Getzlaf's game against Columbus. I've never seen him make so many bad passes in one night. He could not find his teammates' sticks to save his life, or more relevantly, the game. I will now submit my bid for understatement of the season: That doesn't happen very often. But he knows his team is going to make the playoffs, and he's more worried about Team Canada right now than he is about the Ducks. Given the situation, that's what you'd expect. That doesn't make it easy for Ducks fans to swallow, but it's probably true, and it probably won't matter in the long run.

2. Getzlaf isn't the only one who looked like his head was in Sochi on Monday night. Take a look at Corey Perry's defensive effort on this goal. He doesn't seem to be aware of Ryan Johansen until it's too late, which makes this error a lapse of mental concentration.

3. Saku Koivu deserves a lot of admiration from this fan base. His decision to turn down a chance at Olympic Gold in order to rest up for the stretch run gives you an idea of how badly this man wants to win the Stanley Cup. Don't be surprised if his best games of the season are yet to be played.

4. If you're an American, I hope you watched last Tuesday's game against Minnesota and I recommend you watch Wednesday's game against Chicago. Zach Parise, Ryan Suter, and Patrick Kane may well be our three best players heading to Sochi.

5. Patrick Maroon has a favorite move, and it isn't unlike what Corey Perry sometimes does on the power play. I have to believe video sessions across the Western Conference are going to start including clips like this one.