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Ducks/Avs Preview: Teemu Appreciation Night

Nothing on the line for the Ducks, but sentimentality.

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

In yesterday's preview, I made a big deal about how that game against the Kings didn't really matter all that much. After the Ducks prevailed 4-3 in a shootout last night, this one means absolutely nothing to the Ducks in the standings, but it's a big game from an emotional standpoint as the Ducks fans pay tribute to Teemu Selanne in the final regular season game of his legendary career.

There may be playoff implications for the Avs in this game, though. St. Louis plays Detroit on NBC this morning (PT) and if they come away with any points Colorado will have to at least match them in order to avoid a first round series against Chicago. But it could be a completely academic game if the Blues lose in regulation. As I've stated a couple of times before, I hope that's the case so that Patrick Roy can start Jean-Sebastien Giguere without any repercussions, and we Ducks fans can send him off in style as well.

Keys to the Game: Whatever, dude. Just win it for Teemu.

What Can We Learn From this Game: Just like last night, the standard of play going into the playoffs as well as the goaltending situation are up in the air. The game against the Kings was an expected step back from the form they showed against San Jose on Wednesday, but not too drastic. Colorado's speed should be a good warm up for Dallas, even if their defense bears no resemblance to that of the Stars.

As Andersen started against the Kings, I'd expect Hiller to get the nod tonight and try to prove that he's worthy of a game in the playoffs, although, the fact that he didn't even back up in LA might be all you need to know about who will be playing Game One against Dallas.

Fearless Prediction: Teemu will cry.

Stay tuned here for updates throughout the day (lineup news, etc.) and start commenting. We'll have a quick stats pack shortly before puck drop for the in-game comments to flow.