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Ducks @ Stars Game 6 Preview: Close It Out

The Ducks have their first opportunity to eliminate Dallas and move on to the second round.

Ronald Martinez

What We Learned From the Last Game: For the first time in the series, the Ducks were able to win a game without having to hold on by the skin of their teeth until the final seconds of the game.  They did still rely on making the most of a few opportunities, something they haven't done in Dallas yet.  Also, they didn't have to deal with the antics of Ryan Garbutt for most of the game or Antoine Roussel for a good chunk of time thanks to their respective game and ten minute misconduct penalties.

Most importantly Ryan Getzlaf was back in the lineup, which has a ripple effect throughout the lineup.  Not only was he effective in scoring a goal and adding two assists, his presence in the game slots everyone else where they are supposed to play (although Nick Bonino showed up on the wing for the first time ever).

What We Need to Change This Game: It's a similar situation that we saw going from Game 2 to 3.  Dallas is going to get more favorable match ups, which will make it more difficult for the Ducks to 1) force the mistakes that they were capitalizing on when they were at their most successful, at home and 2) subsequently capitalize on them when they do happen.

Also, if I was a betting man, I wouldn't be relying on the Ducks to go 4/6 on the power play.  Throughout the regular season they were one of the best teams 5-on-5 and they need to get back to that if they want to avoid dropping Game 6 and heading back home for the deciding game.  We all saw what happened last year when they couldn't finish off Detroit.

Roster Changes: There was tons of talk going into Game five about who may or may not play.  Not so in the run-up to this one, so I expect the lineups to be very similar to what we saw on Friday.

Fearless Prediction: Ryan Garbutt and Antione Roussel make up for lost time, going into Super-Pest mode.  You don't want to know what that means.