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Handshake Line: Renewed Rivalry

The Dallas Stars reminded Ducks fans why they are a difficult team to play against and that they are a team on the rise.

Ronald Martinez

Congratulations to the Dallas Stars for pushing the Anaheim Ducks to their limit. The last minutes of Game 6 aside, the Stars totally dominated on home ice. They shut down Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry and the crazy fan base let our guys hear it. The Stars brought a great rivalry back to life in this series.

Jamie Benn deserves credit for being an unstoppable force in this series. The best the Ducks could do was slow him down with Cam Fowler and Ben Lovejoy. Benn's speed killed the Ducks in almost every game, and he truly showed why he is the captain of the Stars. With Benn and Tyler Seguin, this team is going to be a force for a long time (thankfully outside the Pacific Division).

I give the Dallas fans props for giving their team home ice advantage. They were so loud that it was difficult to hear the announcers at times, and their willingness to "Boo" Perry and Getzlaf really surprised me. Even the Ducks' California rivals haven't done that (yet). The fans really made this series great.

I believe that Lindy Ruff deserves a lot of the credit for how the Stars performed in this series. He definitely out-coached Bruce Boudreau at American Airlines Center and gave the Ducks a scare by playing the combo of Ryan Garbutt and Antoine Roussel against the Getzlaf and Perry line. Even though those two players were the cause of so much frustration, it was a genius idea that nearly won Dallas a chance at Game 7.

The turnaround in Dallas has been fast. The future is bright for the franchise and the team should soon be contenders in the Central Division (praise realignment!!!).