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Ducks @ Oilers Preview: The Ducks fly to Oil Country

Jeff Gross

The Anaheim Ducks are coming off a very disappointing home showing against the Nashville Predators. It was one of the games the Ducks had in hand over the San Jose Sharks. After San Jose's 3-0 loss to Nashville, if the Sharks win out, including the game against the Ducks, Anaheim will need to go at least 1-1-3 to retain top slotting in the Pacific.

It was starting to look dire for the Ducks, but the Perds did them a favor by taking out San Jose in regulation last night. That's still not much wiggle room, but more than expected. That won't happen again until after the Ducks face San Jose, so now is the time for them to really take control of their own seeding.

Oh yeah the Ducks are playing the Edmonton Oilers.

Keys to the Game: Skate hard from the opening face-off and hope like hell that the first attempt on net doesn’t go between Hiller the Shaky or Andersen the Achy. [Ed. Note: Andersen is not with the team, John Gibson has been called up, but that was clever enough to leave in. -CK] Pretty simple key to this one, really. And no matter what, this game needs to at least go to overtime. This is a sorry state of affairs we find ourselves in, as depraved fans rooting on this struggling team.

What Can We Learn From this Game: I am honestly pretty curious how the team will open knowing they might give up four goals every 10 shots. The mentality of trying to score goals (take risks) and not make mistakes (because vertigo-induced softies are cool again?) is really, really tough in this sport. Good teams with garbage goaltending struggle way more than bad teams with lights-out goaltending.

Fearless Prediction: Bryan Allen is going to be the winning goaltender of record in this game.

Stay tuned here for updates throughout the day (lineup news, etc.) and start commenting. We'll have a quick stats pack shortly before puck drop for the in-game comments to flow.