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Greetings Anaheim Calling! I'm Liz Brownstein

Just a brief introduction to Liz Brownstein, one of the new contributors for Anaheim Calling!

Let's Go Ducks!
Let's Go Ducks!

"So, what's your story?"

Those four stupid little words are so impossible to answer. So many different plausible paths to start down, leading an outsider wherever I want.

Now when I read that back it sounds kind of empowering. You are stuck as my unknowing passenger. For all you know, I'm an alien that somehow has mastered the native language of this strange, strange land.

We both know that's not true, but what path should I start with? Which rabbit hole do I pull you down first?

Let's start with the obvious one, I am a diehard Anaheim Ducks fan, and have been since I saw my first game in their inaugural year. Granted I was a bit panicky when I witnessed my first true hockey fight, but then again I was still just a toddler. Regardless of the twinge of fear seeing two full grown men beat the living crap out of each other, the graceful action and seamless beauty of the game itself mesmerized me. I was hooked.

I couldn't get enough of this sport. I am proud to say that I witnessed firsthand, through tears of joy, Teemu Selanne raising the Stanley Cup over his head. That will always be one of the best moments of my hockey life. Growing up I was the number one butterfly goalie for my neighborhood street team, and although my playing career was short lived, my passion for the sport and the Anaheim Ducks would never waver. I have blogged for several other sites, and am excited to jump at the opportunity to join the Anaheim Calling team.

What other piece of my life can I lead you guys towards? How about we turn this into more of a game? I'm going to just list a bunch of informative one liners. You can decide what you want an explanation for, or what you actually believe without knowing me.

Please note that each and every bite sized info bit is, in fact, true.

I somehow am both a girly-girl and a complete tomboy, its a balance even I don't understand on most days

I once drove 6 hours just to see an animal.
I love fantasy, especially anything involving Alice in Wonderland.
I've often been called a human McNugget, fun sized, or have been told I'd fit easily into overhead storage compartments on an airplane. [Ed. Note- I can attest to this. I've done all of them. - Kyle]
I'm a certified makeup artist.
I've worked on, and acted in, several short films.

I'm a proud UCSB graduate, go Gauchos!
I was a competitive dancer for 15 years, and performed recreationally 5 years prior

I used to use dish towels and rubber bands as goalie pads when I was learning how to play goalie with my brother as my coach.
I have often shocked people with my rapping abilities.
I'm a certified bartender and have poured drinks while sitting on someone's shoulders.
I absolutely hate being late for things.

Questions? Comments? I want to hear them all! I can't wait to get going alongside the amazing Anaheim Calling team of bloggers. Let's Go Ducks!