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Player Rankings of Anaheim's Dismal Game 6 vs. Los Angeles

A goalie's job is to give you a chance, did John Gibson do that tonight?

Harry How

I will be blatantly honest and say that I am shockingly disappointed tonight with the atrocious effort put forth by the Ducks. We all are well aware that it is going to take a very strong effort to eliminate the Los Angeles Kings, so explain why that effort was seriously lacking tonight. Let's get started with the rankings, shall we?

-7 Power Play (last rating: NR): Five opportunities, and the Ducks came up empty. Do I really need to elaborate on this?

-6 Neutral Zone Puck Possession (last rating: NR): Throughout the game the Ducks struggled to find any sort of rhythm starting in the neutral zone. The Kings seemed to cross Anaheim's blue line uncontested, yet Anaheim couldn't find any sort of offense when attempted to enter the King's zone.

-5 Collective Offense (last rating: -2): Come on. I mean when your only goal is scored by a guy who basically takes it coast to coast and then buries it, the entire offense is to blame. Tonight was an all around abysmal attempt to end the series, and Anaheim just couldn't find a way to finish it.

-4 The Twins (last rating: Getzlaf +3): Getzlaf was an all around disappointment tonight with the lowest faceoff win percentage on the team, and a grand total of zero shots to his name. Perry had two shots, but still some absolutely crappy time on the ice. Both were enormous disappointments, and when that includes your captain, maybe it's time to rethink a few things.

-3 Los Angeles Kings Crowd (last rating: NR): Considering a few soft penalties called on the Ducks, I am attributing the calls on the LA Kings audience. The crowd at the Staples' Center was electric and controlled the game tonight, including the calls on the ice. As soon as the Kings took a penalty, the refs were easily swayed into a coincidental call on the Ducks because of the outrage by the fans.

-2 Bryan Allen (last rating: -1): Yet again, I find that Bryan Allen is in my negative section. I thought we had all agreed that the Kings should never be given any time or space on the ice, yet Allen lets Lewis stroll on into the Ducks' zone uncontested and it leads to a goal against. Some say they don't see it, yet I thought I saw a deflection off Allen which made the shot harder to handle for Gibson.

-1 Matthieu Perreault (last rating: NR): Perreault, or Frenchie as I call him, had a pretty rotten game tonight. With a gross 38% win rate in the faceoff circle, and a few seriously questionable plays. Frenchie ended the night with one giveaway, a minus-1 rating, and only one hit to his name. I feel that we all understand that the Kings need to be physically dominated in order to take a victory, however the Ducks, and Perreault did not do that tonight, in fact he was the one being pushed around all night.

Even: John Gibson (last rating: +2): Even with giving up a soft goal, it's difficult to rank Gibson lower than dead even with a zero rating. Gibby did allow a soft goal, however, he also kept the game at just two goals against, even with the Kings fighting to widen the gap. Gibby's rebound control was worse than the first couple of games he has played in the postseason, however he is still young, and for that I am giving him a bit of a break.

+1 Kyle Palmieri (last rating: NR): Considering Palmieri scored the lone Anaheim goal in the 2-1 loss, I couldn't keep him off the list. With the solo assist going to Nick Bonino, Palmieri scored a beautiful wrap-around goal that Quick arguably should have stopped, however he didn't, and that lit a bit of a light of hope for the Ducks. Unfortunately, they couldn't take full advantage of that, and ended up falling short.

+2 Penalty Kill (last rating: NR): One of the few bright points of Anaheim's game six was the penalty kill. Anaheim held the Kings scoreless on four opportunities. All around, the Ducks were doing well with a "one-and-out" strategy (one touch and the puck vacated the zone), and I'm sure it led to some pretty frustrated Kings fans and players, until they realized that they won the game anyway.

All around, the Ducks have some serious issues to address before taking on a game seven, so where to start... How about with the captain leading by example?