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Handshake Line: Kudos to the Kings

Fans on both sides will remember this series for a long time to come. The Kings showed up to play in Games Six and Seven, and that was the difference.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Anze Kopitar was by far the best player in this series, and his dominance went way beyond his point totals. He went head-to-head with Ryan Getzlaf and came out on top in all three zones of the ice. Marian Gaborik deserves a lot of credit for his clutch goal scoring — he actually finished with more points than Kopitar in those seven games — but most of his goals had a lot to do with what Kopitar was doing with and without the puck in the shift leading up to the goal.

Drew Doughty did not play his best hockey in the first half of this series, but by the time Game Seven rolled around he was firing on all proverbial cylinders. Along with Jake Muzzin, Slava Voynov, and Alec Martinez, he maintained LA's reputation as the best defensive team in the league. He also said something nice to Teemu Selanne in the handshake line, as did most of the Kings from what I could tell from's Mic'd Up video.

Justin Williams now has 12 points in 6 Game Sevens, if I remember correctly. Makes you wonder what would happen if Bruce Boudreau ever coached him in a Game Seven.

Jonathan Quick outplayed three goalies in this series. He didn't have to, because his team was better, but he did anyway.

Dean Lombardi looks like one of the best general managers in the NHL right now. Need some scoring? Just do what you did two years ago and steal a sniper from the Columbus Blue Jackets.