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Podcast: Rage and Emptiness

Dissecting the first two games of the Ducks/Kings series and the feelings of sheer rage and emptiness that they caused respectively.

Earl Sleek


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[Note: Due to processing time, out of our control, the podcast probably won't be available on iTunes until tomorrow morning]

On this week's show:

Recorded Tuesday, May 6, 2014

- Lots of censored cursing, as you would expect.  Hopefully Eric got it all.

- Bryan Allen, WTF!?

- Why Patrick Maroon is so effective against the Kings

- Los Angeles' ability to defend in multiple ways and the fact that they haven't used their A game yet

- Extemporaneous thoughts on the phrase "Empty calorie possession" as coined by Kid ish yesterday

- Has Bruce Boudreau been out coached by Daryl Sutter?

- Fan atmosphere at the games

...And much, much more (with a much needed chuckle at the end thanks to Eric's interesting choice of words)

Please leave questions, comments, suggestions, complaints, concerns etc. in the comments below, or email or Tweet me @District5Hockey, Eric @ErictheHawk or Kyle @ACKyleNicolas or feel free to just yell it out and maybe we'll hear you.

Also HUGE hockey hugs and stick taps to The Zambonis (the World's only 100% Hockey Rock band) for all of our amazing musical cues and Earl Sleek for the ridiculously awesome logo above.

Thank you so much for listening.

Go Ducks!