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Full TV Schedule Announced

Ducks TV Schedule, Now with KCOP-13! Come for the news, stay for Chris drifting into madness

Bruce Bennett

The Ducks have announced their full TV Schedule for the 2014-15 season.  Well, announced may be over stating it, they posted the networks on which they'll be showing all 82 games on the existing schedule.

As usual the vast majority of games will be shown on Fox Sports Prime Ticket or Fox Sports West, but actually even more than in past years as Prime Ticket will show 50 games and FSW will have 21.  NBC Sports Network will show seven Ducks games nationally in the US as was announced in late July.  The difference from previous years comes in that the balance of the games (only four) will be shown on KCOP AKA My13 (or as we regular folk call it, channel 13), as opposed to KDOC (LA56) which had broadcast over the air for the Ducks since the 2005-06 season.

Why only four games? Well it turns out the Clippers and Kings both play on those days as well (one of the games is Actually Ducks/Kings on Jan. 17) so there would be some conflict on Prime Ticket/FSW and the Ducks, naturally, got the short end of the stick.  But... two of those days don't conflict with the Clippers because they are being shown nationally on TNT and ESPN.

So, Here's a low rent dramatization of how I think the discussions with KCOP went:

INTERIOR - A conference room at the offices of Fox Sports in Los Angeles:

Ducks (speaking to Fox Sports): "We'd like to broadcast all our games on your networks this year."

Fox Sports: "That would be great, except we have two conflicts where the Kings, Clippers and Ducks are all playing at the same time, and we'd really rather show the Kings and Clippers."

Ducks: "OK, I guess since they are the (barf) reigning Stanley Cup Champions (barf) that's understandable, we'll have to find another network for two games.  No problem."

Ducks (on the phone to KDOC): "So, it turns out this year we only need to show two games on your network this year.  Whatddaya say?"

KDOC: "TWO GAMES!?!?! What kind of rinky-dink operation do you think we're running?  This isn't 2005 when we were running old Perry Mason episodes!  We have Seinfeld reruns and the DODGERS, for Christ's sake!  GO F*** YOURSELF!"  *Click*

Ducks: "A simple no would have sufficed.  Who else can we call?"

Fox Sports: "KCOP ran a few Kings games back a couple years ago.  Try them."

Ducks (on the phone to KCOP): "We have a small conflict with Fox Sports this season, would you be willing to show two of our games on your network?"

KCOP: "TWO GAMES!?!?! What kind of rinky-dink operation do you think we're runn--"

Ducks: "Wait, wait... How about four?"


Annnnnnnnnd Scene.......

Now, that obviously didn't actually happen (Note directed to Minnesota Wild PR Staff).  But the reality might be even more confusing.

When I went to confirm that the Ducks started on KDOC in 2006 I found out that just before the Ducks began playing on KDOC the Samuelis had been part of the group that purchased the network.  I haven't been able to find any information saying that they are no longer invested in KDOC, but if they own part of the network, why would they take the Ducks to KCOP?

Seriously, people.  I'm fascinated and confused.  If anyone knows the answer to this question please post in the comments.

Anyway, back to the news.  Four of the games will also be broadcast on the NHL Network in the US (and therefore blacked out for Game Center Live and Center Ice subscribers) while 16 of the games will also be aired Nationally in Canada on some combination of Sportsnet channels, CBC (Hockey Night in Canada), City TV and TV-A (things were much simpler on that front when it was just TSN and CBC).