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Duck Tales: So. Much. Drama.

Teemu and Hiller complaining about Boudreau, Kesler complaining about the Vancouver media... What a way to start training camp!

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports


  • Probably the most comprehensive story on the Teemu book comments from yesterday via the great Nick Cotsonika. [Yahoo!]
  • Jonas Hiller found the final months of his tenure with the Ducks to be "frustrating." I'm beginning to sense a theme. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Ryan Kesler has accused the Vancouver media of making up stories and "throwing people under the bus." [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Shockingly the fourth biggest story in this post, Training Camp started with the team going through off ice physicals and meeting the media.  The Ducks' website has a quick rundown.  [Anaheim Ducks]
  • Watch the Ducks deliver season tickets to fans.  As opposed to most of the other news/links here this is actually really fun and cool. [Sporting News]
  • Fear the Fin put together a panel to rank the top centers in the Pacific Division (including our very own Kid Ish).  Guess who came in second... [Fear the Fin]
  • Bob Murray told the media that he'll wait 15-20 games before addressing any needs in the lineup this year.  So, writing machine, Kid ish put together a list for him to contemplate [Puqmag]
  • ESPN claims the Ducks are the second best franchise in the big four North American sports according to some convoluted survey results.  But we'll take it [ESPN]
  • Check out TSN's Ducks preview. [TSN]
  • Which young Ducks center will step up this season? [Pucks of a Feather]
  • Why Dany Heatley will thrive with the Ducks. [Pucks of a Feather]