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Training Camp Begins!

A quick summary of the craziness from yesterday and updates from on ice training as it gets under way this morning.

"Hey Teemu, we still love you even after all that sh** you said in your book, but it's time for us to get on with training camp."
"Hey Teemu, we still love you even after all that sh** you said in your book, but it's time for us to get on with training camp."

So yesterday was pretty crazy,  huh?   Normally the first day of off-ice training camp is just an endless stream of "We're excited for the season" interviews physicals and pictures.  But not when the best/most famous/most beloved player in franchise history comes out with a book and the most inflammatory quotes are released for comment.  Unfortunately nobody here at AC could pull themselves away from their real lives/jobs to cover it yesterday, so before we leave the floor open for news and notes from on ice camp today, here are a few of the highlights.

By now, everyone has read the quotes from Teemu Selanne's book that was released in Finland yesterday and his subsequent apology/statement.  Daniel will have more on this a little later today, but for me the bottom line is he was just plain wrong and it makes him look a little petty.  The fact of the matter is he wasn't playing well enough to earn the kind of minutes he was demanding and he was still pretty damn close to those kind of minutes.  As a huge fan of Teemu's it was hard to watch him so far from the top of his game last year and even harder to hear that he really didn't recognize it himself.

Of course there was the usual media availability as well.  The Ducks released several videos including:

Ryan Getzlaf discussing Teemu and how the team has grown over the off season

Bruce Boudreau also on Teemu, some complicated new leadership system and what Ryan Kesler brings to the team

Nate Thompson saying everything you would imagine a third/fourth line center on a new team would say

Kesler claiming to be in the best shape of his career, as well as having the least injuries of any summer for several years and almost having the date of the first game against Vancouver memorized (hew as off by two days)

And Bob Murray addressing (Teemu of course) the competition for roster spots, his process of waiting 15-25 games before making his next move if necessary, and even suggesting that Kesler might play with Corey Perry (which Kesler laughed off).


But that was yesterday.  Today camp really gets underway on the ice at The Rinks, Anaheim Ice with two sessions open to the public at 9:45am and 1:15pm (featuring two different sets of players, full roster here).  We'll keep this space updated as interesting news/notes come in.  So stay tuned here and as always let us know what you think.

Check out reader Bob Diluchio's observations from this morning's session here.  Huge thanks to Bob for picking up the slack for us while the official staff was all tied up with real life.